Calling all fitness fanatics: a new store, Club Nutrition, is holding their grand opening on March 25th located on College Avenue in Tempe.

Club Nutrition is more than just a supplement shop, it is a lifestyle. Their organic supplements — protein, pre-workout, post-workout, creatine and anabolic nutrients not only help improve your workout routine but can also strengthen your overall well-being.

The founders, John Varvara and Sean Peterson, played rugby for Arizona State University. During their playing days they both realized nutrition shops were more focused on making money from the sales of their products and not on the real health benefits to customers.

After graduating from Arizona State, they created Club Nutrition to fill this void. They teamed with Tower Guard Labs, a supplement manufacturing company, to make 100 percent original products for their customers.

“The location, being ASU alumni, the quality and affordability of our products is what differentiates us from other stores,” said Varvara.  “Ever since I worked for GNC, I knew this was the industry I wanted to be in so when the opportunity came about we took it.”

Club Nutrition also sponsors local athletes. Jeremy Dang is a men’s physique competitor and has been successful on the local and national level winning and placing in many competitions. Trevor Cuicchi, a former ASU rugby player, moved from the rugby pitch onto being an Olympic weightlifter.

“Training is simple and easy when you’re equipped with the optimal supplement stack,” said Cuicchi.

“Club nutrition has provided me with the best supplements to make sure I am fully recovered for the next day of training. Not only do I recover faster but I walk into the gym the next day feeling stronger than the last,” he added.

The Club Nutrition symbol worn on all the apparel represents power. Their in-store house brands include clothing items, supplements, meal preps, smoothies, shaker bottles and more. They also offer an online website that displays their merchandise as well as the story behind Club Nutrition.

“As of right now, our customers are primarily from Tempe and Scottsdale,” said Peterson.”  “Our goal is to open more stores in the future, with the Gilbert area next.”

Club Nutrition employees have the background knowledge to educate their customers in choosing the right supplement plan for their optimal health benefits. If you want recovery options for your workouts come to the club. If you want a nutritional diet without the working out, come to the club.

Club Nutrition not only sponsors local athletes, they also support community outreach events and programs. They will be making camouflage hats and shirts and will donate half the proceeds to the Pat Tillman Foundation run held on April 23rd.

“We like giving back to the community as much as possible,” said Vavara. “Pat Tillman is a legend, so it only makes sense to help with his foundation.”

Club Nutrition’s marketing strategy is all social media-based. They have a little more than 2,000 Instagram followers. Of those followers, many are brand ambassadors for the company. They hire ambassadors to help market their brand by posting pictures wearing Club Nutrition apparel and showing off the products on their personal Instagram accounts.

“We want our customers to grow strong physically and mentally through the power of the club and our community,” said Varvara.