Suntron Corporation, a Phoenix-based leader in integrated electronics manufacturing systems (EMS) and embedded computing solutions, announced that they have entered a channel partnership with Axiomtek, a major design and manufacturing company in the Industrial Computer field. Through this beneficial technology and sales partnership, Suntron procures award winning products and integrates them into a finished product or sub-assembly.

Suntron and Axiomtek have a long standing relationship and have worked together on many projects, serving a wide variety of markets. Currently, Suntron and Axiomtek are collaborating on multiple projects, including one for a leading lighting design corporation. In this application, Suntron purchases off-the-shelf hardware and integrates it into a control box for LED lighting.

There is a lot of synergy between the two companies; Axiomtek is a leading company in the Industrial Computer Field and one of Suntron’s engineering capabilities is systems integration. Thus, through this partnership, customers in multiple industries benefit from not only award winning products, but also someone to integrate those products.

“Many companies have a need for specific hardware, but either don’t have the capability, certifications, or time to integrate the solution,” said Michael Oliveri, Vice President of the System Solutions group at Suntron. “This partnership allows our customers to focus on their core competencies.”

Axiomtek, with 600 employees worldwide, is servicing many vertical industries with OEM building blocks intended for mission critical embedded applications. “Due to limited resources and a competitive landscape, many companies are straining to meet time-to-market schedules. Combining Suntron’s end-to-end outsourcing services along with Axiomtek’s open architecture off-the-shelf offerings allows companies to develop and launch products in a cost effective and timely fashion,” said Dave Starrett, VP of Sales, Eastern Region.