Just three months after clocking 4 million miles on public roads with its autonomous vehicles, Waymo just hit the 5-million-mile mark in February. 

Many of these miles have been clocked in parts of the Valley, as the Google spin-off has been testing here since the early part of 2016. Waymo is currently testing in 25 U.S. cities, and states it is operating in increasingly diverse road conditions.  

In an effort to further explain how Waymo’s autonomous vehicles work, the company is launching the Waymo 360° experience 

Folks can now see what Waymo’s driverless vehicles see as they navigate through city streets. There’s options to view Waymo feed through LiDAR, radar and cameras.  

The experience is much like riding in one of Waymo’s vehicles as you’ll be able to see how the vehicle recognizes objects as it navigates through the streets.  

You can check out the Waymo 360° experience on your phone, a computer or with a virtual reality headset, including Google’s Cardboard and Daydream. It’s pretty neat to see how the cars view objects on the road and shows just how much is put into driverless vehicles.  

Waymo has been working to create its autonomous vehicles since 2009. Currently, the company is working to create a ride-sharing service to get folks into its cars commercially. Late last year, Waymo started testing some of its vehicles around the Phoenix area without anyone inside the vehicle.  

Last year, Waymo drove 2.7 billion miles in digital simulations that the company creates, and each mile logged by one of its vehicles is shared with the entire autonomous vehicle fleet.