Many developments in Arizona are fairly new compared to the rest of the country, but there are many abandoned and empty assets around our state that need a face-lift.

Redevelopment is energy-efficient, good for business, and helps to revitalize some of the city’s more-neglected areas. Out of the many real-estate projects that were completed in 2017, here are 15 adaptive reuse projects to take a look at: 

The Alameda  

Size: 232,492 SF

Value: purchase price $13.8M; $30M redevelopment expenditures  

Developer: Wentworth Property Company  

Owner: Wentworth Property Company  

General Contractor: Venn Construction (formerly RJM)  

Architect: Gensler   

This office building used to house State Farm, then it became vacant. Now, it’s an office environment tenant park. Its former Spanish stucco exterior was stripped away to raise the building’s height and profile, and the outdoor space includes a grass amphitheater with an outdoor projection system. 

The Hub

Size: 295,000 SF  

Value: $15M  

Developer: Clarius Partners, LLC.  

General Contractor: Layton Construction  

Architect: RSP Architects  

A former pharmaceutical testing facility was transformed into an energy-efficient suburban office project. The new mechanical system includes over 3,000 tons of chilled water capacity and 100 percent redundant water supply.  

Mountain Park Health Center  

Size: 32,000 SF  

Value: $7.5M  

Owner: Mountain Park Health Center  

General Contractor: Concord General Contracting  

Architect: SmithgroupJJR  

This former boat dealership is now the newest clinic of this nonprofit community health center. Amenities include a guided walking trail and a children’s play area; inside, the exam rooms are 30 percent larger than normal and use soundproof sliding doors for stroller and wheelchair access.  

Tuft & Needle Headquarters  

Size: 35,450 SF  

Value: $2.5M  

Developer: SimonCRE  

Owner: SimonCRE  

General Contractor: GCON  

Architect: Cawley Architects 

This historic brick building was the former O.S Stapley hardware store; today, it is headquarters of local mattress startup Tuft & Needle. The new design is a “streetscape”, meant to mimic a street within a building, and displays natural light wood finishes throughout. 

The Bob and Renee Parsons Leadership Center for Girls and Women at Camp South Mountain  

Size: 38,000 SF

Value: $15.8M 

Developer: Burns & McDonnell   

Owner: Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council

General Contractor: The Weitz Company  

Architect: Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects  

What was once known as Camp Sombrero is now the Bob & Renee Parsons Leadership Center for Girls and Women at Camp South Mountain. 18 sleeping and activity cabins were built with the highest safety standards, with each set so that proper elevations for walkways and buildings were attained. Each cabin is temperature-controlled and ADA compliant.   

2005 N. Central Ave.  

Size: 90,000 SF

Value: $9M 

Developer: Doxa Central LLC.  

Owner: Doxa Central LLC.  

General Contractor: Logos Southwest Builders  

Architect: Cawley Architects  

Previously, it was an outdated seven-story office building. Now, it is a state of the art complex that houses the entire Attorney General’s Department. A well-lit two story glass entry and a light colored cohesive grid façade are some of the newest additions.  

Neighborhood Ministries Silos Classroom Building  

redevelopment projects

Size: 12,183 SF  

Value: $1.7M  

Developer: Neighborhood Ministries  

Owner: Neighborhood Ministries  

General Contractor: Logos Builders Southwest, LLC.  

Architect: Winton Architects, Inc 

The site, originally an abandoned silo building, is now a two story facility that provides schooling and other services for disadvantaged kids and their families. An additional floor slab, new punched openings for windows, and other renovations were made with recycled content and locally sourced labor.  

Aligned Data Center  

Size: 550,000 SF  

Value: $31M 

Owner: Aligned Energy  

General Contractor: Skanska USA Building  

Architect: Dimovski Architecture  

The existing building was built over 30 years ago, and had been vacant since 2008. Now, it houses a consumption-based data center. Changes include the installation of a heat sink to draw hot air from servers, which allows ADC to use 80 percent less energy for cooling, and 85 percent less water than a traditional facility.   

Carvana Vehicle Inspection Center  

Size: 94,000 SF  

Value: $3M  

Developer: Verde Investments  

Owner: Carvana  

General Contractor: Jokake Construction Services, Inc.  

Architect: WHN Architects  

Originally, three of the buildings belonged to a truss manufacturer’s operations. With the renovations, they are now part of a 150-point industrial inspection facility. Some of the changes that were made are the 30+ mechanical car lifts, electrical systems with photo domes, and multiple overhead doors to expedite delivery.  


Size: 145,000 SF  

Value: $30M  

Owner: Dexcom  

General Contractor: Skanska USA Building  

Architect: Mansour Architecture  

Formerly an industrial warehouse, it’s now a manufacturing facility for Dexcom’s latest glucose monitoring devices. The facility includes 33,000 square feet of controlled environment space, and a walkable ceiling on a mezzanine.  


Size: 650,000 SF  

Value: $14M  

Owner: Huhtamaki  

General Contractor: Willmeng Construction, Inc.  

Architect: Deutsch Architecture Group  

This former manufacturing plant is now one of the largest facilities for a business based on technologically-advanced packaging solutions and disposable tableware. The plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems were completely replaced, and double-pane energy efficient glass was placed in the storefront.  


Size: 12,500 SF  

Value: $2.3M  

Developer: Menlo Property Holdings I, LLC  

Owner: Menlo Property Holdings I, LLC  

General Contractor: Vista General  

Architect: Arc One Associates  

Once a machine shop, the Holbrook building is now home to Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate. Skylights and wide windows were installed to let in natural light, and the floors were kept as finished concrete, in homage to the building’s history.  

RC Lurie  

Size: 25,000 SF  

Value: $2.5M  

Owner: RC Lurie  

General Contractor: Jokake Construction Services

Architect: SmithGroupJJR   

This building used to be a parking structure and is now headquarters for a lighting solutions provider. A stadium-style staircase (installed with care to not damage the 60-year old structure), and the addition of full-height glass panels throughout the first-floor façade are a few of the changes that were made.  

Ross-Blakley Hall  

Size: 68,000 SF  

Value: $6.5M  

Owner: Arizona State University  

General Contractor: Kitchell  

Architect: HDR Architecture Inc.  

Ross-Blakley Hall was built in 1991 for the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Library. Now, it houses private faculty offices and other spaces for the college’s English Department. Updates include major HVAC repair, floor-to-ceiling windows, and exposed ductwork to give the space a modern touch.  

Wentworth Property Headquarters  

Size: 11,000 SF  

Value: WND  

Developer: Wentworth Property Company  

Owner: Wentworth Property Company  

General Contractor: Jokake Construction  

Architect: RSP Architects  

A previously existing 3-story building, renovated to create office space for Wentworth’s new headquarters. The “bones” of the original building (structural beams and brick walls) are show pieces juxtaposed with elegant furniture. In the lobby, a large wall graphic of Downtown Phoenix reminds visitors of the importance of commercial development.