Pocket folders are essential office supplies generally used for organizational purposes. You can find these office materials at any office supply store close to you. Contrary to popular belief, these folders are more useful than they look. Their portability and versatility invariably mean that they can serve different functions other than general use.

Some folders are carefully designed with business card holders that can accommodate a wide range of business card types. As a business owner, there are many reasons why you should consider adopting customized pocket folders. Continue reading to discover some of their many uses.

For branding purposes.

A pocket folder is arguably the first tangible impression a prospective customer will have of a company. Like a business card, stationery items like folders and cards shape a customer’s perception of a brand and indirectly offer insights into the company’s corporate culture. This is mostly thanks to the chosen colors, designs, and paper stock options that represent the brand.

Nowadays, many business owners use custom pocket folders to make an unforgettable first impression on prospective clients. Like a presentation folder, a pocket folder reinforces a culture of quality and professionalism. In the corporate world, people tend to naturally respond to professional-looking folders that deliver the brand image, subtly or overtly, when they receive a document.

When designing a corporate folder, you can incorporate a spot UV coating to brighten the sheet of a folder. Alternatively, you can add a soft-touch lamination with UV effects for a durable, impressive finish. The bottom line is that a well-designed folder can set your company apart from the competition, raise awareness, and create a buzz around your business.

As a tax return folder.

Tax season is that time of year when companies and self-employed individuals prepare comprehensive financial statements and reports for the fiscal year and file their tax returns. Taxpayers must provide the necessary documentation and statements needed for tax preparation to ensure taxes are filed before the filing deadline.

Tax season is undoubtedly a busy and challenging period for business owners and accounting professionals. Tax return folders help them stay organized during the process. Accountants and tax professionals alike use pocket folders as tax return folders. Pocket folders properly represent how a standard tax presentation folder should be. Most of these folders are carefully designed to ensure the safety and security of documents. Some examples include a deep two-pocket folder and double pocket folder.

Depending on the customer’s individual needs, these folders undergo various custom folder printing and foil stamping methods. Ideally, a custom design tax folder should incorporate the company logo, graphic design, and other visible elements associated with the company’s brand identity.

For marketing purposes.

Marketing is a key business component that comprises all strategies a company implements to promote its product offerings. It encompasses advertising campaigns, sales, and the delivery of products to final consumers. Marketing strategies are targeted towards a specific audience based on gender, age group, etc. These strategies may involve catchy phrases or slogans, celebrity endorsements, social media marketing, and special packaging. You can leverage pocket folders as a viable marketing tool for getting the word out about your products or services.

Like a custom presentation folder, a custom pocket folder can help you create a fully impressive customer experience for visitors and help you tap into new business opportunities. No doubt, a new client will be impressed with a well-designed brochure, flier, or sticker inside a pocket folder.

All in all, custom folders are invaluable when concerning presentation. In addition to folders, you can also include customizable business brochures to convey your brand message to the target audiences.