January 14, 2022

Eric Shepperd

Why is my phone suddenly bombarded with scam calls?

Over the past few decades, the way we use telephones has changed entirely. When it used to be exciting to get a phone call, in the modern age, they tend to be much rarer than a casual text message. Now, when the phone rings, there’s a pretty good chance it may be a scam call or someone soliciting something from you.

It can be incredibly frustrating and annoying to receive a number of calls from random numbers asking you for money or trying to get you to talk about your car’s extended warranty. These pesky calls may drive you nuts and interrupt other things you’re using your phone for. For whatever reason, you may start to notice that you’ve been getting more calls than normal. There are plenty of different reasons why you may start to notice this issue. As you’re asking why your phone is being bombarded by scam calls, here are a few reasons you may want to investigate.

Learn who is calling from these scam numbers.

Before you get totally worked up about a random phone call, you may want to confirm exactly who is calling you. Utilize a phone number search service to figure out exactly who a specific phone number is connected to. You can get every detail from first name, last name, or business name. Whether someone is calling from a landline or cell phone number, you’ll be able to gather as much information as you can. This will help you realize if you want to call back or block that specific number indefinitely. Enjoy reverse lookup capabilities to get the information you need and feel more confident answering the phone next time.

Know the different forms of spam calls.

There are a few different types of spam calls you’ll want to look out for. Some are robocalls that don’t involve any human interaction. Others are spoofing or scam calls where another person is trying to get your personal information and financial records. Whether the call includes automation or an actual person, you’ll still want to ignore these attempts to get those private details that you should plan to keep to yourself.

Did you sign up for anything sketchy recently?

There are so many different ways these scammers get your information. If you recently signed up for a sketchy free trial or gave your information out on the internet, you may start to realize you’re getting more scam calls than normal. That is because these sites will sometimes sell your personal information to solicitors who try to make money through scam calls. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in this situation besides block the callers and wait it out. Just remember to be a bit more careful with your private information in the future.

Campaign season can increase calls as well.

Political campaign season is one of the top times you’ll see spam calls or unwanted messages. If you ever donate to a campaign or sign a single petition, all sorts of politicians will find a way to get your information. This can mean more pesky calls for you, even if you do support the candidate in question.

Better technology allows for cheaper scam calls.

Another reason why you may have noticed more spam calls than before is that they’re easier than ever. With newer, faster technology, it takes a few clicks of a button to make these calls that seem to be such an annoyance to you. It has also been ruled that these automated calls are not illegal and cannot be legislated against. Because access and technology are allowing for these calls, it makes it easier for these organizations to reach out to you.