Everyday life causes injury to someone, whether it is slipping and falling in bad weather, getting involved in an automobile accident or hurting yourself at work. Usually, the next move is filing a personal injury claim to pay for your expenses.

Too often, the process leaves many unanswered questions for sufferers. Some of the biggest include eligibility to receive medical care and the level of financial compensation for injuries sustained. Here is the truth about personal injury claims: fact vs. fiction:

Never Settle Personal Injury Claim Too Early

One of the biggest mistakes made in personal injury claims is settling too early in the process. Usually, the injured party is forced to spend their own money on additional medical care. Often, immediate surgery is needed to begin the healing process. Under financial duress, a victim will forfeit their rights to contest for additional funds to cover their current medical costs.

There are too many misconceptions about personal injury claims that most individuals fail to receive proper compensation for their pain and lost time from work. Good representation is sorely needed to help advise on this life-changing move.

The best course of action for an injured party is holding off signing any paperwork until they’re fully healed and back on their feet. Remember, time is a trusted ally as consulting with Las Vegas Nevada personal injury lawyers before negotiating a monetary settlement is the best course of action.

Large Law Firms Provide Better Defense

Large law firms have too big of a client list to provide the attention needed for a case of this nature. Too often, a personal injury claim will fall through the cracks as higher-profile cases attract more billable hours.

It is easier for them to secure a quick money settlement agreement rather than negotiate over several months on your behalf. Be prepared to be rejected, as large law firms feel this area of legal representation does not bring the firm a huge payday for their time and effort.

The wiser choice of representation is finding a personal injury lawyer who will take the time to study the case and develop a rock-solid defense. Their experience and attention to detail will help them to secure the correct dollar amount at the negotiation table.

Are Personal Injury Lawyers Too Expensive? 

Typically, personal injury lawyers will accept a case with no up-front payment expected at the initial meeting. Often, they’re working on a contingency basis for their services. Usually, a contingency payment is an agreed-upon percentage of the final settlement. The compensation can be as high as one-third of the negotiated settlement price.

Do Personal Injury Victims Pay Their Medical Bills Upfront?

If your injuries are serious enough, that requires an extended stay in the hospital. You can expect to receive a large medical bill in the mail following your release from the hospital. It is hard to imagine anyone being able to make one payment without some form of financial assistance.

On your behalf, an astute personal injury lawyer will negotiate an agreement with your healthcare provider on the medical bill by placing a lien on the pending settlement agreement. A lien is a binding agreement that allows money to be subtracted from the compensation package as payment for the client’s medical expenses. Hire a lawyer that has experience of negotiating lien agreements with various healthcare providers.

In the end, everyone’s priority should be your full recovery from the injuries sustained. And that can only be accomplished by receiving proper medical care.