You will likely get a different argument from everyone when you ask who are the best NBA players. But the parameters have changed to determine the best NBA players of all time. Today, top NBA players use the three-point shot at 39% compared to 22% in 2010.

Soring is a critical factor in choosing the best NBA players, but there are other things to consider. So, keep reading for a unique perspective on the best NBA players right now. Here are the top five playing today.

5. Nikola Jokic

Last season, Nikola Jokic earned an MVP by carrying the Nuggets to a conference finals. The big Serbian looks to be a candidate again for MVP this year. He led his Denver Nuggets squad last year by doing it all.

Joker will drop a clutch shot when it’s needed most. Or he will find the open man with his uncanny vision. A recent game against the Clippers shows why Jokic is still one of the best NBA players right now.

On his way to 49 point performance, Nikola scored nine of the team’s last eleven to reach overtime. Then he potted eleven more of the sixteen needed for the win. He also had 14 rebounds, 10 assists, and three steals in regulation.

Nikol Jokic may not be the best defensive of NBA players, but his 32.2 points average says a lot.

4. Steph Curry

It seemed that Steph Curry was winning games on his own last year. At least with a little more help, the Warriors might have made the playoffs. But still, there is no denying Curry’s rise as one of the best NBA players of all time.

In December, Steph broke the 3-point shooting record held by Ray Allen. With almost half a season left, that milestone will increase and may never get caught. Steph Curry is showing no signs of slowing down.

Steph’s squad will return to playoff form with teammate Klay Thompson back beside him. He is within reach of another scoring title, dropping an average of five 3-pointers per game.

When he got drafted seventh in 2009, the knock was that Steph Curry was too small for the NBA game.

Instead, he’s changed the game and become among the best NBA players right now. Another MVP and a championship wouldn’t be surprising this season.

3. LeBron James

Very few times in professional sports does someone get described as a generational player. LeBron James has earned that moniker over his illustrious career. LeBron’s name will be discussed as one of the best NBA players of all time for decades to come.

LeBron has little left to prove as a leader in 30 point games. Kids today still want LeBron shoes more than any other. But at age thirty-seven, it’s only a question of when the time will catch up with his skills.

James set a record as the youngest to score over 36,000 points in his nineteenth season. All that remains is LeBron James’ desire to continue chasing records. He’s well within reach of Karl Malone at No. 2 in scoring.

James also holds the mark for most triple-doubles of any player over age 35. The only thing holding him back currently is the performance of his Lakers on the court. But with LeBron, you never know a change is coming for one of the richest NBA players.

2. Kevin Durant

Before a torn Achilles put Kevin Durant out of the 2019 finals, he was an undeniable superstar. Considered then the clear number two of top NBA players, Durant has come back even stronger this year.

Durant has led the Nets to the top despite the off-court drama surrounding teammates. Averaging 29.4 points with a 53% shooting average, Durant also averages 7.6 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game. Because of Kevin’s MVP-worthy stats, Brooklyn leads the Eastern Conference.

Kevin began by becoming a leading scorer with the Thunder. Then at Golden State, Durant was among the best NBA players in passing. He also upped his defensive game, which he now brings to Brooklyn.

Kevin Durant’s name gets mentioned as one of the best NBA players right now because of all aspects of his game. And he’s achieved accolades after an injury that was once considered near career-ending for others.

After missing the 2019 Final and then again last year, Kevin Durant is a man on a mission. Not only does that make him the most dangerous player to other teams. The motivation might drive Durant to another MVP campaign.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

The two-time MVP outdid himself in the NBA Finals by winning MVP for the series. Giannis has picked up where he left off, averaging 27.3 points with 11.7 rebounds, 1.6 blocks, and 5.9 assists.

And let’s face it. Antetokounmpo dominates with his size. It’s almost impossible to defend against a 7-foot 3-inch wingspan. But more remarkable for a man his size is his ability to transition from defense.

Giannis is still only 26, which gives him massive upsides to a career as one of the best NBA players of all time. His combination of size and agility make Giannis a dominant force at both ends of the court.

Last year he pushed the Bucks over the top for their first championship in fifty years. There is no reason to think Giannis Antetokounmpo can’t lead Milwaukee to a repeat.

Many Great NBA Players

No matter where you position some names as the top NBA players, there is always an argument for others. Some of the best NBA players right now are languishing on teams that have no chance to reach the playoffs. That shouldn’t diminish their greatness, but NBA players play for championships.

Yet, some NBA players remain in the spotlight year on year. The five names on this list have earned their right to belong as the best NBA players.

If this selection topped your list, at least for a good discussion, come back for more insights right here.