March 20, 2023

Eric Shepperd

The ultimate guide for businesses to choose the right intranet solution: 7 factors to examine

When choosing the right intranet solutions, businesses must focus on several things. An incomplete or inefficient intranet solution can cost a business dearly in time and money. That’s why it’s essential to understand the factors and choose the right intranet solution. Here are the seven ultimate factors to consider when choosing the right intranet solution.

1. Ease of Use

An intranet should not be challenging to use and should come with a simple interface. This interface should be based on a few core concepts that can be easily decoded. For example, an intranet should have an easy-to-use menu bar at the top of the screen. The icons should be simple to read, and the core functionality should be straightforward. It should be accessible by every user to get maximum benefits from the intranet. The best way to ensure its ease of use is to test the intranet solution before you finally get it running for the company. 

2. Cost

The basic cost of the intranet depends on the size of your organisation and the number of members that will use the framework. However, that’s not the only factor; there are others. For example, a ready-made intranet solution with customisation options is more affordable than spending on a newer, updated version. Any additional features you want to add to the intranet solution will cost you extra money. Next, consider the integration cost, which enables your intranet solution to integrate with other systems. You need to consider all these factors when deciding the budget for the intranet. 

3. Functionality

Communication and engagement are the top two functionality features every intranet should possess. Another significant intranet feature should be easy navigation and search so employees can quickly find what they seek. Additionally, it’s crucial to have an intranet solution with data encryption and security in the world of increasing cyberattacks. Lastly, look for a mobile-friendly intranet solution. Intranet for companies should have all these features. 

4. Collaboration Tools

The intranet is all about collaboration between employees. Your intranet solution should have easy visualisation, making strategic thinking and planning effortless. Additionally, it should be secure enough for all collaborators to safely share confidential information.

5. Scalability

When scaling your intranet, the user experience should remain intact. Your scaled platform should be intuitive and still easy to use. That’s why you should choose an intranet solution that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of your organisation. You should also ensure that your intranet is scalable enough to manage your organisation's content needs and is flexible enough to add new features and capabilities. 

6. Customization

You should choose an intranet that can offer personalisation at various levels. This is what you need to look for in an intranet:

  • There should be no limitations on space and content since an intranet needs to be updated regularly.
  • The intranet should offer a fantastic user experience to the members using it.
  • Communication should happen in a streamlined manner.
  • Your intranet should have the ability to segment workspaces.

7. Integration

You should choose an intranet solution that can integrate with other internal systems of the company. Choose an intranet solution with a continuous flow of information from third-party data sources and a framework that can work as a unified content management system. Third-party integrations are one of the essential features of a healthy intranet. After all, an intranet is useless for your company if it can’t be embedded with the existing software systems. 

Final Words

So, here are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right intranet for your company. To provide your employees with an interactive environment for communication, collaborative learning, task management, and knowledge sharing, you must select a simple-to-use, integrated, and highly customizable platform. Hiring a company with years of experience in this field is best.