Things to remember when planning your relocation during a pandemic

Relocating your house is one of the most mentally taxing, physically exhausting and financially draining activities that all of us have to go through at some point in time. The entire activity will become ten times more stressful if you have to move your house amidst a global pandemic when there are lockdowns on and off. With the economic situation already in turmoil, the political uncertainties, and the consequent psychological effects, the following tips can help make relocation much easier for you.

Plan Smartly

Relocations are generally a very stressful process per se and require you to plan it. The need to plan your relocation effectively is even more when times are uncertain such as the ongoing pandemic. You never know when there is going to be a lockdown and non-essential supplies might be closed. Therefore, make notes of everything that you might need and every service that you might need to hire during your relocations and make your reservations. You will be stuck if you leave this at the last moment and an unforeseen event occurs.

Declutter Your House

An overloaded house is the most difficult thing to pack up. You will need a lot of time only to decide where to start and how to start and you will most likely end up haphazardly doing everything. Therefore, the best bet is to get rid of everything that you do not need. Be it the extra clothes in your wardrobe, the shoes that you do not wear anymore, the books you are done reading, and the toys that your kids don’t play with, give it all away. Getting rid of excess belongings will not only make it much easier for you to wind up your house but will also help cut down your transit costs since there will be lesser packages to load, handle, move and unload.

Organize Yourself

Just because you have decided to hire professional movers, does not mean that you can wait for them to take care of everything. Even the most professional movers will expect you to have everything sorted beforehand. Do not expect them to know what clothes will go in which box. You know your household better than anyone else. Categorize everything the way you need it to be packed and assembled at your new location. Mark all boxes for any specific handling instructions.

Do Not Pack Everything

Even if you have the urge to take your favorite decade-old couch along, avoid doing so. In a bid to save yourself the cost of buying a new one, you might end up spending extra in transporting an old one. Moving companies charge you according to per cubic meter of space that each of your items will take, therefore the more and the bigger the items are, the higher you will be charged. You can minimize this cost by selling off your old items in a garage sale and using the cash to buy a new one at your new location.