As the coronavirus looks set to make holidays abroad impossible to organize for 2020, an American staycation looks increasingly like the perfect alternative this year. 

Luckily, the U.S. has a wealth of perfect staycation locations. This nationwide study, conducted by outdoor clothing brand Halti, has looked at a variety of different factors to conclude the very best locations for an American staycation, with Arizona ranking in 1st. 

The data ranks the counties on eight different key factors that people will consider when selecting their staycation destination including the number of notable countryside walks, the green space coverage for exploring, and how dog-friendly the area is. 

Arizona is an outstanding candidate for holidaymakers looking for outdoor-focused staycations with top tier rankings for the best weather and the cheapest healthy food. 

The county ranks fourth highest in the US for best weather according to Alongside this, says that Arizona has the fifth cheapest healthy food rates in the US. 

Making up the top five locations for American staycations are Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Alaska and Washington. At the bottom end of the scale are Georgia, Washington DC, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.