Located in North Scottsdale, Tia is a women’s health clinic that provides a wide variety of services, with a modern take.

Tia was created by women for women. The idea for this innovative new clinic came in 2017 from co-founders Carolyn Witte and Felicity Yost. Now, the clinc has a 6-member Board of Directors made up of only women and a staff of medical providers that is about the same.

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The new Phoenix location is one of only four Tia locations currently open. Two of the other clinics are also on the west coast. Both are located in California, specifically, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The other is on the east coast, in New York.

At all four locations women of every age can find almost any healthcare service they could need. Tia provides primary care, gynecology, mental health services, and wellness care

“In a sea of fragmented point solutions catering to specific body parts, ailments, or life stages, Tia stands apart as the ultimate “anti-point solution” in women’s health — a platform that supports the whole woman, for her whole life, online and offline.” said CEO and co-founder Carolyn Witte, “Tia is a one-stop-shop for women’s healthcare that supports the physical, reproductive, and mental health of women across every life stage.”

Not only is Tia creating an all-around new experience for women looking for a healthcare provider, they are also finding a new way of reaching these women. This company is taking to the world’s most popular social media platforms to bring in their target audience.

Advertisements on social media platforms is a new trend but one that has become a

part of everyday life for many users. However, it isn’t too often something like a women’s health clinic comes across the usual “feed.”

“Tia is focused on meeting women where they are and convincing women traditionally left behind by the healthcare system to engage in critical primary, reproductive, and mental healthcare. Because of that, we promote Tia in places that you might never have seen a doctor’s office but where we know our audience spends a lot of time  – like Instagram and TikTok! One of the unique things about Tia is that our members love to share their experience with their friends, their group chats, and their social media feeds. There’s so much about the Tia experience that’s surprising and delightful that members want to share – from what it feels like to be listened to for the first time and have their concerns taken seriously to what it feels like to be treated as a whole person and not a body part to intentional details in our clinics like robes and socks. That type of sharing is pretty unheard of in healthcare, and Tia works to help spread the word and amplify our members’ stories on platforms like TikTok.” Stated Witte.

According to Witte, this new style of marketing is doing exactly what they were envisioning it would. At the Phoenix location they are seeing a lot of traction with women who are 45+ and have a core demographic of women 25-45 years old.

More information on all of the services Tia provides and how to schedule an appointment can be found their website Tia (asktia.com).