YouTube thumbnails can determine how much traffic your videos will get on YouTube. According to research, a good percentage (more than 90%) of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails. This is because viewers are more likely to a video with a captivating and interesting thumbnail as opposed to a dull one.  Such can be seen with YouTube’s video suggestions.

The suggested videos section is one of the best sources of organic traffic on YouTube. These suggestions appear on the right sidebar as one is watching a video clip, hence entices the viewer to want to click on it to view the content as well. Videos with custom but exciting thumbnails thus have a higher click rate, one of the reasons you too should consider creating custom thumbnails for your content as well. To increase your views further contact The Marketing Heaven.

The YouTube algorithm is also designed to identify videos with the highest click rate, which are then suggested to many more users throughout the platform. The algorithm is meant to help viewers watch more content by presenting them with relevant and exciting content in the form of video suggestions. Using compelling thumbnails on your content can thus help you garner more viewers, and probably subscribers, with time. Here are a few tips on how to create custom YouTube thumbnails.

1. Create a thumbnail relevant to the title of the video

The primary purpose of a thumbnail is to give the viewer an idea of what the video is about. It should thus be relevant to the title of the video. Clickbait will only push target viewers away, forcing them to hit the back button as soon as they feel tricked.

2. Tap into the viewer’s curiosity

Create a thumbnail that will spark curiosity on the audience. You can use it to tell part of the story or what the content is about. The thumbnail can also be a part of the video as well. Experts recommend creating/using an image with some form of action to make the viewer want to know the rest of the story. Some bit of creativity is required here.

3. Stick to small thumbnail designs

While YouTube may recommend thumbnails with a 1280*720-pixel count, you want the thumbnails to be clear and visible at their actual size on YouTube. Compare the size of thumbnails you see on YouTube and try recreating the same. A small-sized thumbnail will work just fine considering the viewing size. You, however, need to ensure the thumbnail stands out and makes sense even at the reduced size.

4. Be consistent with the thumbnails

Maintaining a similar look and feel in your content will help your followers recognize your videos from a distance.  While the thumbnail may be different with each video, using the same text font, logo, design element, natural color, and even a face will make your videos more noticeable. Use the thumbnails to create or market your brand.

5. Be emotional

People are more likely to respond to emotion, which is why you need to show enthusiasm in your videos. The viewer will want to know what the excitement is all about, hence want to watch the video to the end to see what it is all about. Use facial expression and eyes to convey your emotions.