Have you been feeling tired, exhausted, and stressed because of work lately? Have you been experiencing body aches or have been hearing cracking sounds every time you stretch your back after attending to your daily duties? If so, you are overworking yourself and are neglecting your body of the care that it deserves.

Our body, which is continuously in motion and is continually using up energy to perform a task, needs a pause once in a while in the form of relaxation. Sure, you can argue that sleeping is sufficiently the most effective way to relax. But having the feels of being taken care of while having a satisfying massage in the back is superb!

There are numerous types of massage waiting for you to experience. All you have to do is to find the one that could satisfy you and your body. Just think of it as a treat or as a reward for your diligence. Come, have a look at this list of types of massage that you would surely want to try:


If you are looking for a type of massage that can lessen your level of stress and, at the same time, has numerous health-related benefits, Shiatsu is the best type for you. Originated in Japan, it involves applying pressure to certain parts of the body in a rhythmic motion using only the palms, fingers, and thumbs of the therapist.

Shiatsu therapists use different approaches in practicing this massage, depending on the type you wish to experience. There is a wide variety of Shiatsu massage available for you. Two of them are listed below:

Zen Shiatsu

This variety of shiatsu massage is therapeutic as it focuses on energy-balancing through bodywork. The stroke of the therapist disturbs the stagnation and blockage of energy that usually causes mental and physical stress. It can also ease body stiffness and backaches.

Hara Massage

The focal point of this variety of shiatsu massage is the “hara,” known as the life-force energy, placed in the center of the stomach or the abdomen. The practitioner of Hara massage would press the various regions of the abdomen using his/her fingers. This type of massage can enhance digestion and can release energy tension.

Thai Massage

If you want to focus on your body’s stiffness, you might want to experience this type of massage. Developed in Thailand, Thai massage is said to be a hybrid between yoga and massage. The therapist would perform intense stretching techniques on your body from feet to head, depending on your chosen level of pressure.

Thai massage is generally done on a floor mat and can last up to 1 to 2 hours long. And surely after, you can feel a lot lighter and better than before. That’s because, aside from relieving muscle and joint tension, Thai massage also improves blood circulation and enhances your body’s flexibility.

Swedish Massage

Among the different types of massage, Swedish massage is the most common and the most popular. It is also the gentlest as it uses both soft and hard stroking, tapping, and kneading on the most stressed parts of your body. Essential oils and lotion, chosen by your therapist, add relaxing effects on the body.

Swedish massage is so relaxing that you can let yourself sleep while having the session. The session for a full body massage usually lasts for an hour long. But for a back massage that includes shoulder and neck, 30-45 minutes could suffice. So, If you are heading to experience pure relaxation, choose Swedish massage.


Some people find discomfort in being touched. Some entirely avoid being touched at all, and some can manage but at the most minimum occasion. If you are this kind of person, reflexology is the best type of massage suited for you. Unlike other types of massage, reflexology only penetrates the hand, feet, and ears.

Reflexology is rooted in the theory that these three essential parts of our body have regions connected to the body’s other organs. And thus, the careful pressing of one spot can affect the function of its represented organ. The applied reflexology pressure on the sole of the middle toe of our left foot, for instance, can make its corresponding organ, the head, relieve headaches.


Taking a break once in a while, relaxing for a moment, and giving yourself a treat are things that you deserve after a massive day’s work. One of the treats that you could give yourself as a gift is to experience the de-stressing powers of body massage.

Different types of massage may differ in techniques and approaches, but all of them have health-related benefits. When choosing the best kind of massage for your body, determine not just the kind that makes you comfortable for the moment but also can make you feel at ease with your body after.