The demands of maintaining a successful business are plenty. With constant work and upgrading, businesses need to always be evolving to keep up with the needs of its employees and customers. Unfortunately, many businesses operate with inefficient systems and processes. In fact, inefficiency can cost your business up to 30 percent of your annual revenue.

Here are some simple ways you can boost the efficiency in your business, without adding significant cost or time.

Assess What is Not Working

Before changing anything, you must first identify the inefficient processes present in your existing business model. Then, determine what is causing the inefficiency. Look to your team to bring forth ideas and solutions to come up with solutions and steps to mitigate it.

Inefficiencies may pop up in many areas. You may find redundant processes, out-of-date procedures or complicated workflows. This is especially true with small businesses that are growing quickly. It can be difficult to manage the macro and micro needs of a thriving business, and implementing new systems can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

To avoid these common pitfalls, try and anticipate potential issues as your business grows and work to prevent them from becoming too complex in the future. Improving efficiencies later depends on how well you can spot what is slowing your business down today. Encourage the mindset “Is this the best way to do this?” in your team, to help identify future issues. .

Consider Digital Integration

Inefficiency with digital integration will result in up to 25 percent of businesses losing their competitive ranking this year. However, properly integrating the right digital solutions can help improve your business’s efficiency in several ways. Technology can help to automate time-consuming tasks and allows your employees to focus on the things that require more human attention.

For example, investing in email to fax technology or creating a digital app will help ensure you achieve the higher level of efficiency your business needs to continually grow and succeed. Also, with this technology in place, your employees can begin to focus on the things that require more human attention. Easier and faster communication is an ongoing result offered by digital integration.

Build Resources and Communities

It is essential to begin creating communities for your business. The benefits of networking can be overstated. The people that you meet are a reflection of the success you can achieve, and opportunities will begin to open up naturally. The key is for you to encourage communities that are already beginning to develop around your product.

To do this, you may have to foster community development. This can be simple, such as creating a public forum for open discussion, which can replenish resources, provide feedback, and generate all-new concepts. Also, consumers of organizations with communities will spend up to 19 percent more than the other consumers. Put simply, communities are great for customers and for your business.

Explore New and Unexpected Opportunities

Risk is a part of any business. But being willing to take risks is a crucial part of finding inefficiencies. It may be daunting to try to move away from processes you have always relied on, but trying new things may help you discover better ways of doing things that are more relevant for the current business climate. It’s important to evaluate any unexpected opportunities that present themselves and have the willingness and courage to explore them. By doing this, it will drive your industry forward and help propel you and your team to success.

Is Your Business Running Efficiently?

Is your business currently running as efficiently as it can? If not, consider implementing some of the tips to keep your business running at the top of its game.