Project management software has become an important tool in many small- and large-scale organizations. This software is used on a large scale by industries to manage, and plan their project while allocating the resources in the right manner.

This software has been helping the teams and project management to fulfill the requirements of the client while managing the constraints of time and budget. There are so many options in front of you. To be precise, these tools aim to assist the industry in the crucial process of finishing the project and submitting it on time.

Listed are some of the best software options that you can consider for your organization which is known for their great features to manage the whole project.

1. BuildTools

This is a web-based tool. It is completely integrated software that is used for project management. This platform can be used for managing the process of the back office and even remodellers.

It is one efficient custom builder solution that you can use with your team to complete the project on time. The client can give their feedback instantly and in case of any transfer of the files you want to do, this tool can help you do in seconds.


As an amazing Trello alternative, is a blend of the interface that is visually appealing with tools that can help to finish the project. This software is quite flexible and is known to provide a transparent way by which the whole work can be organized. There are templates of the project at the top that you can use. It helps to create your boards.

You can also have a look at a variety of display options such as calendar view and map view. understands that one of the common roans for customer dissatisfaction is the less recurring tasks. Considering this, you get robust features and the best of security with an easy custom solution

3. Jira

One of the best agile project management tools that you should be using is Jira. It has been the choice of many development teams since it helps to track, plan, and even release the software well. This popular tool is designed especially and sued by the team of agile members.

Other than creating the stories, planning for the sprints, creating the up-to-date software, and tracking down the issues, you can create the whole workflow. This tool allows the team member to manage the whole project from start till the end which is why it is a must-try

4. Basecamp

Another popular project management software that is worth a try is basecamp. this option comes with different features of collaboration like the designated area of discussion in which the users can leave all the comments behind. Besides, there is also a recap of the project of the team that can be seen to understand the updates and status of their work.

This recap is being sent regularly on the email id. Basecamp users can also be a part of the discussion through email. If you are not able to find a specific item then you can always make use of its search tool which is quite good to locate the conversations and files.

5. Zoho Projects

Zoho project management software is another extensive option that comes with a straightforward interface. The software can cover certain areas right from planning the -project to breaking it down into units that can be manageable.

Whether it is to create the Gantt charges or focus on the reporting tools, this collaborative software is right for you. It also can ease down the contact with vendors, consultants, clients, and employees without any hassle. You can integrate this tool with other tools like DropBox and Google Apps.

6. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a modern tool that focuses more on connecting projects, people, and profits well. This option offers the financial and project data in the right manner so that users can have the right details with a whole operation view. This can be one Asana alternative that many people have been using. It has real-time data that displays the performance of the project at any time.

This means stakeholders can always make the decision associated with the budget and time in the right manner. It also offers the details on whether the project is a portfolio be or the single one. It offers a resource management solution that lets the users allocate the resources whenever it is needed with an advanced feature like business intelligence and role-based estimation.

7. Knack

This is one online database creator that can transform the whole spreadsheet in the application of a web database. This tool is also an easy web app builder framework that lets the team create the application. The team can easily access the data to run the report and share it with the clients when the time comes.

8. Asana

Asana is a blend of different project management elements. It also helps to manage the project while providing features of file storage and the right collaboration across the team without sending an email.

This software is an amazing option to trace down the team progress, track down the bug report, and even focus on creating the project dashboard to get a quick overview.

9. MeisterTask

Another simple yet powerful structure of Kanban that you may want to try is the MeisterTask. It lets the smooth management of the project and has quite great features. This online tool is a choice of many teams since it offers clean visual design with a better user experience. You can enjoy features like tags, watching, mentioning, and schedule that makes the whole process of workflow enjoyable and hassle-free.

10. Trello

Trello is a tool known for project task visualization. It is like a dashboard that helps to manage the quick yet short and regular assignment. This in other words is a simple task management solution that helps to create ample task lists. Whether to is image sharing or file sharing, you can do it all with Trello. Besides, it is one of the amazing ways for the team to collaborate on the project.


Project management software is used on a large scale to let not just the managers but also the whole team have control over the budget, manage the quality and focus on the overall documentation exchanged. Right from tracing the deliverable to managing the resources and collaborating with team members, this tool can do it all.