July 5, 2021

Eric Shepperd

Top 5 collaboration tools

The software of team collaboration is quite on demand. Whether it is project management or communication, you can always look up to this technology that offers quite great features. There are so many online collaboration tools that have proved to be Smartsheet alternatives.

The existing ones undoubtedly improve their functions and features. But the new ones are worth the try too. There are so many companies that have been using such a collaborative management structure as an approach to improve their overall productivity.

1. Filestage

This is one efficient collaboration platform that has earned quite a name over some time now. This option gives the tea, a much convenient method to manage the overall process of review. The software is designed for project management so that the whole project goes smoother and simpler for external and internal stakeholders.

This way you can get instant leave in content feedback on images, videos, PDFs, and much more. The tool also creates a to-do list depending on the comments to ensure that it does not miss out on any feedback. With such an option, it is possible to review in real-time, approve the same, and even the clients can comment without any registration needed.

Why go for Filestage?

• This option gives an easy review system. This means the feedback gathering is easy. You don’t have to sign up especially when you are a reviewer to carry the whole review process.

• It gives you a platform to review the files and instantly share the feedback too. With this tool, consistency is developed and mentioned for the feedback.

• The reviewers can comment on the files. This way the feedback process can be less time-consuming.

2. Monday.com

This is another interesting platform that you can consider using. With Monday.com being an amazing Wrike alternative, you can do countless tasks with one click. You can track down, plan out and even simply collaborate on the projects. The functionality of drag and drop is quite simple.

You can use this tool easily not just the project management but also for general workflow management amongst the team members.

Why go for Monday.com?

• This is one amazing platform that allows you to integrate with Trello, Slack, and even dropbox.

• You can use it as a primary point where you can work with teams to gather.

• You can also use it for getting a wide working remittance as compared to any other standalone platform.

3. Flock

This application is often compared with slack because of its features. It is not much daunting in usability and offers quite a good platform for communication. Flock comes with a free trial but can search which is limited to 10,000 messages. There is also a storage limit of 5GB and only five third-party integrations are allowed.

You can buy a pro plan if it fits in your budget where you can enjoy unlimited search, 10 GH of the capability to store, and better admin controls. This is one interesting collaboration tool that most of the business uses to avail its features such as uploading document’s, email notification and calendrer.

Why go for Flock?

• If you want to have a hassle-free collaboration that is secured yet loaded with features then flock is the right one

• This application supports challenges for teams or even the group conversions

• The user can search using files, messages, and links

• With flock video and audio, calls are possible and screens can be shared.

• There are some interesting features like note sharing and polls that make the task easy. Besides, users can even assign the task to specific group members.

4. ProofHub

To manage the projects and teams for which you are looking for a single software, well then ProofHub is the right option. This is an efficient collaborative tool that you can use online. It is a blend of all important tools for fostering teamwork. This way you can always stay on the top for completing the task.

Besides, it is even possible to break down the projects in a small subtask and then assign it directly to the team members. It is easy to streamline projects and ensure that with its Kanban board, you can use schedule the tasks accordingly.

Why go for ProofHub?

• With ProofHub, you can review all the fields that are associated with projects. Whether you want to approve them or give feedback, you can do so easily.

• In case three are some important matters to be resolved or you need to brainstorm ideas with your team on a certain matter, the ProofHub gives you a dedicated space to discuss the topics.

• It also has a chat app which means, you can use the interface of the chat for connecting with your colleagues and evens end files directly on their respective chatbox.

5. Trello

Trello these days has gained quite a lot of popularity. It is said to be the perfect alternative for many tools. This you can resemble with the game of solitaire in which you must drag the task cards across as you are working on it. It is easy to learn and you can work quite well to monitor the project and even assign the task.

Trello can help you work on project management frameworks like scrum and agile. This online collaboration software is working fine on not just the web but for mobile online as well.

Why go for Trello?

• With Trello, you can manage the colleagues and organize the projects accordingly

• This is an amazing platform that lets you work with lusts and board. This option can be organized as per the tasks and team

• Trello boost the overall integration with apps like Google, Evernote, and GitHub to name some

Wrapping Up

The listed above collaborative tools offer the best administrative features that can improve the organization. To explore more of these features, you can always explore their plan and buy. They are not just easy to use but are designed considering the competition and work pressure in mind.