July 1, 2021

Eric Shepperd

Trade shows: 5 tips to help you attract visitors

Trade shows are a great way to market your products and services and build your customer base. However, in this environment, you will be competing against many other businesses for attention. That’s why it is important to place focus on attracting attention and driving traffic to your booth. Here are a few top tips to help you elevate your trade show game.

Entertain the Crowd

A great way to attract a crowd is by offering them something unique and entertaining. There are plenty of sleek trade show booths out there with suave professionals handing out crisp leaflets. Be different and offer the crowd something they won’t be expecting. A classic carnival game will catch people’s attention, and who can say no to free popcorn freshly made using a portable popcorn machine. Fun Crew USA provides fun trade show rentals that can help you draw a crowd. Once you catch their attention, you can begin telling them about your product or service.

Make Your Presence Known in Advance

Before you begin setting up your booth, you need to implement a marketing campaign to let trade show goers know you will be present. Advertise your presence using social media, get in touch with trade magazines and utilize email marketing. You don’t want to be pushy and spam potential consumers, but you do want to include important information, such as where your booth is situated and when you will be there.

Create an Eye-Catching Display

With crowds of people walking by, your booth needs to look picture perfect. Place focus on your branding and messaging, and create an attractive display that will make people want to stop and chat. If trade shows play a major role in your marketing strategy, then invest in high-quality signs and posters. Brand materials can be reused in the future for other events that pop up.

Offer Free WiFi

This clever tactic will not only attract attention, but it can also help you keep visitors near your booth for longer too. Buildings that host trade shows do not provide the best internet coverage. As a result, attendees either don’t pay attention to your pitch because they are trying to check their messages or get frustrated and leave the trade show early. Provide free WiFi to people who pass by your booth. You can even turn passing visitors into leads by asking them to create an account to access the free WiFi.

Hand Out Branded Freebies

Handing out freebies is an oldie but a goodie, but you need to get it right. Forget the sketchy pens and useless golf pencils, and don’t even think about wasting money on keychains that don’t do anything. Any branded merchandise you decide to hand out should be of the best quality you can afford, and they need to be memorable. Offer potential customers promotional products that they actually want to keep, such as a BPA-free water bottle or an insulated lunch bag. These types of goodies are durable, and they can be used time and again. In addition, when someone eventually uses your freebie, your brand will be on display. This makes branded products efficient advertising tools.