July 1, 2021

David Hill

How to take care of an elderly relative

Watching a family member grow old is never easy, especially if their health begins to suffer. As difficult as it might be for all involved, you need to care for them as much as you can. Whether you have an elderly parent, grandparent, or uncle/auntie you wish to care for, here’s how to do it best.

Move Them Closer to You

It’s always easier to look after someone if they are nearby. So, if your senior family member is struggling to live alone and they need more assistance, moving them closer to you would be greatly beneficial. This isn’t always an easy choice, especially if your relative enjoys their independence, so discuss it in detail first. 

If they are very sick and you’re worried about moving them far, consider using flights for terminally ill patients. That way, you ensure they receive the medical attention they need while traveling, giving everybody peace of mind.

Make Sure Their Home is Suitable

Wherever your elderly relative lives, you must make sure their home is comfortable and safe. That means removing any hazards, such as dodgy electricals, and investing in better furniture so that no pain is exacerbated. If they’re becoming more immobile, there are always home alterations you can install to help them out, such as a stairlift and a walk-in bath.

Visit and Speak to Them Often

Whether or not your elderly relative struggles medically, it’s important to visit them and speak to them as often as possible, especially if they live alone. By being there more often, you not only make sure that their health needs are seen to, but you also strengthen your relationship.

Make Sure They’re Taking All Medications

If your elderly relative needs medications, make sure they’re taking them when needed. If you’re worried that they might forget now and again, you could always set up an alarm on their phone to remind them to take them on time.

Consider Getting a Carer

It is OK to admit that you cannot do everything. If your loved one is poorly and needs more attention than you can provide, consider getting a carer to check in on them. By doing this, you ensure that they can keep their independence while knowing they’re receiving personal care.

Get Them Using Tech

Seniors and technology don’t have to repel each other. By getting your loved one a smartphone, they’ll be able to keep up with more family members through instant messaging and facetime. It means that they always have a method of communication as well as the ability to integrate themselves into the online world. You never know; they might end up being more social media savvy than you!

Notice Any Changes

Even if your elderly relative is reasonably healthy and only needs small check-ups, it’s important to notice any signs of changes. That could mean an alteration in their behavior, appearance, or health requirements. By spotting the signs early on, you ensure they always receive the care and attention they need.

By being there for your loved one, they are more likely to live a long and happy life during their later years.