April 25, 2022

Eric Kelly

Treatment options for prostate cancer in Germany

According to statistical data, many patients diagnosed with prostate cancer look for ways to treat the disease in foreign clinics. Germany is one of the most common destinations for innovative prostate cancer treatment. Prostate cancer treatment in Germany focuses not only on tumor removal but also on preserving urination and potency, as well as preventing the relapse.

Surgical treatment options

Surgery is primarily indicated for patients with early stage cancer without metastases. Depending on the size of the tumor and its location, either endoscopic or radical surgery is indicated.

Endoscopic surgery can also be performed with the da Vinci robotic system. It allows malignant tissue to be removed through small incisions, with the utmost precision. The duration of hospitalization after such a surgery does not exceed three days. Healing is fast, scars on the skin are not visible, and erectile function is preserved. Thus, if a patient is diagnosed early enough, innovative German techniques can cure prostate cancer.

In certain clinical situations a more invasive open surgery is indicated. Typically these are men with very large prostate glands and severe urinary symptoms. After the surgery, the patient stays in the hospital for no less than 7-10 days.

Conservative treatment options

Chemotherapy is one of the leading methods of conservative treatment for prostate cancer. German doctors prescribe it before surgery to reduce the size of the neoplasm and after surgery to destroy any cancer cells that may have remained. The course often involves a combination of several drugs that stop malignant cells from dividing. The drugs are taken orally or administered as injections.

Another efficient conservative treatment is hormonal therapy. It is established that high testosterone levels promote the growth of pathological cells. Therefore, the patient may receive antiandrogen medications that suppress the production of male hormones.

Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy for prostate cancer

Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy is an innovative radionuclide treatment that is primarily used for metastatic prostate cancer.

How does it work? The radioactive isotope binds to cancer cells and emits beta radiation, causing significant damage. The radioactive substance doesn’t pose any threat to the body, as Lutetium-177 selectively accumulates in cancer cells. The radiation spreads for few millimeters, so it only destroys the tumor and metastatic loci.

Rehabilitation after prostate cancer in Germany

A lot of patients benefit from rehabilitation after treatment. In rehabilitation centers at German clinics every patient can get access to medical care aimed at returning to everyday life. It includes medication therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy, etc.

Patients’ health state is carefully monitored 24/7. During the follow-up after treatment, doctors rule out complications and prevent relapses of the pathology. After discharge from the hospital or a rehabilitation center, each patient receives recommendations for a home-based rehabilitation period.

How to start treatment of prostate cancer in Germany?

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