There are basically three big cloud certification providers, i.e., AWS, AZURE, GCP. They offer a number of cloud certification options that an individual can get. It simply helps to validate their cloud knowledge and skill set.

Between all the different Paas specific, role-based, or domain focused certifications, the cloud certification programs have numerous options available. These options will help you bring more value to your organization as you keep up with the new business demands and continue to challenge yourself and grow with this world.

These certifications will surely help you achieve your business goals. Credit goes to your proficiency in specific areas. Also, it gives excellent benefits for an extra edge on your resume in your next job.

Here is an overview of all the Types of certification the AWS, AZURE, and GCP has to offer and also the capabilities and individual validate by just completing these certificates.

Types of certification

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certification

AWS or popularly known as Amazon Web Services, has the certification to offer from different learning levels. The four different categories or level of certification includes the following:

• Foundational: At the foundational level, the individuals are expected to have a minimum of six months of knowledge in the basic or foundational industry along with the AWS knowledge.

• Associate: At the associate level, it is expected to have at least one year of experience in solving problems and implementing the solutions with the knowledge of AWS.

• Professional: This is the professional level. This level directly aimed for the individual to have two years of comprehensive experience in operating, designing, and solving all the solutions using Amazon Web Services.

• Specialty: As the name suggests. Each of the certification at the specialty level is based on technical AWS experience in the specialty domain. The requirement of these certifications are ranging from a minimum of 6 months to 5 years, along with the required hands-on experience.

There are several AWS courses to choose from. You are starting from the associate level solutions architect to the professional tier DevOps certification. You will get to learn all the different things at all the different levels. There are certification for every degree you pass through.

Microsoft Azure Certification

If you are willing to follow the Microsoft based Azure cloud certification path, then you will earn certificates that allow you to demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft cloud-related technologies. No wonder, it is a great way to advance your career by winning one of the new Azure role-based certifications in the platform, development or data.
There are several aspects of the Azure certification. It includes:

• Azure Solution Architect Experts: It is recommended for those individuals that have expertise in network, computes, security, and storage so that it could become easy to design solutions that run on Azure.

• Azure Fundamentals: It is best for individuals to prove their understanding of the cloud concepts, Azure pricing and support, core Azure services, and the fundamentals of cloud privacy, security, trust, and compliance.

Although these above two are the fundamental part, to begin with, the Microsoft Azure certification. There are a lot more different concepts that you will learn under the Microsoft Azure certification. But this is not our topic today’s topic. So let’s stick to our topic and check out the next Types of certification.

GCP Certification

Google cloud certification has to offer you three different levels of certification. These levels are as follows:

• Associate Certification: This certification is majorly focusing on the fundamental skills of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining all the projects on the Google cloud. For all those who are new to learning cloud, this certification from google is termed to be the best start. After all, it could be used as an excellent path for the professional level of certification. The recommended experience is more than six months building on google cloud.

• Professional Certification: It includes essential technical job functions and also assesses advanced skills in design, implementation, and management. These certifications are recommended for all those with the industry experience and who are familiar with the google cloud product and solutions. Recommended 3+ years of industry experience along with at least one year on google cloud.

• User Certification: It is the best for the individual holding the experience using G suite and also helps to determine an individual’s ability to use the core collaboration tools. The recommended experience for this certification is to complete the applied digital skills training course along with G suite essential quest and 1+ month on the G Suite.


So, these are the most popular Types of Certification. All it requires is to be where to start. Each of the clouds offers a certification that only requires a basic understanding of the platform. Also, they are the best way to help you get the ball rolling in your cloud certification journey.