Many clinical studies have shown promising results about the health benefits of CBD.

The studies have also shown it to have no psychoactive properties as perceived until recently.

These findings have encouraged lawmakers to relax rules around CBD products. This, in turn, has made a lot of people curious about different CBD products.

However, considering it to be a great opportunity, many sellers have started selling different types of CBD products including CBD tinctures under different brand names.

This has created a lot of confusion about these products in the minds of the consumers.

Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the factors that you should consider before buying CBD Oil.

Things To Consider When Buying CBD Oil

Your Purpose of Buying

For this, you should consult your physician to know if CBD oil can relieve you of your ailments. Consult also about the method of consuming CBD

Each method of consumption provides a different level of effectiveness.

For instance, taking oil sublingually would take a little more time to offer the relief; however, it would last for a longer time. On the other hand, the vaping pen would provide instant relief from pain & anxiety.

Quality of Ingredients

For a good quality CBD oil you need to consider the following important factors related to its ingredients.

Before that we also recommend checking out for genuine CBD brand reviews and informational stuff on cannabidiol.

Plant Source

Marijuana and Hemp plants are the two major plant sources of CBD extract. The use of Marijuana for manufacturing CBD oil is restricted at the US federal level due to its higher THC levels.

While CBD extracted from Hemp plants are allowed at the federal level. Many states in the US have also legalized activities related to CBD products with THC levels less than 0.3%.

Therefore, before buying ensure that the CBD oil is extracted through Hemp plants and not through Marijuana.

Organic Hemp Plants

There are many manufacturers who use different chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers, etc. These chemicals are harmful for human consumption.

Reputed sellers only use organically grown hemp plants in their CBD products. So, ensure that the CBD oil that you buy uses organic hemp plants in its extraction.

Carrier Oil

The most commonly used carrier oil includes; Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, and MCT Oil.

Each carrier oil has some distinct properties that it imparts to the final product.

If Hemp Oil would add on to the potency of the CBD Oil, it would also impart its weedy note to the product.

MCT Oil which is a derivative of coconut oil imparts many different health benefits to the product besides offering a light & sweet flavor to it.

Olive oil, similarly, would add on to the properties of the CBD Oil while making it smell a bit strong and intense.

Minor Ingredients

Some of the manufacturers use flavors and aromas to enhance the taste and smell profile of their products.

You should check if the minor ingredients used in the oil are also natural plant extracts and are not derived chemically.


The manufacturing process plays a vital role in determining the quality of CBD Oil. The following are the factors you must check before buying your CBD Oil.

Extraction Method

Many manufacturers use different chemical solvents in extracting CBD from the hemp plant. These chemicals may carry forward their harmful properties in the final product.

However, most of the reputed manufacturers use CO2 extraction methods to extract CBD. This process does not involve any kind of chemicals and also provides a very effective CBD extract.

Type of CBD Extract

A hemp plant contains many compounds other than CBD. This includes THC, photochemical, and terpenes, etc.

While THC has psychoactive properties, many other compounds are rich sources of nutrients and enhance the quality of the CBD oil.

Different CBD extracts contain different compounds.

• A full-spectrum CBD extract would contain all the compounds of the hemp plant. This makes this extract highly effective but at the same time makes it a little susceptible as the extract also contains THC.

• A broad-spectrum extract would have all the compounds excluding THC in it.

• CBD isolates would not contain any compound other than CBD.


Even the best quality of CBD oil can degrade due to the oxidation process or by reacting to the packaging material.

Glass is the least reactive of all the practically available packaging materials. And if the glass bottle has a dark color it prevents light to enter the bottle thus avoiding oxidation of CBD Oil.

Therefore, it is better to buy your CBD oil in a dark-colored glass bottle for longer life.


You should ensure proper content levels of CBD & THC in the CBD oil.

• Check for the CBD contents in the CBD oil. Check the amount of CBD (mg) per ml of CBD oil and buy as per your requirement. This is also of importance when assessing topical CBD products to buy. Always make sure you are buying a product that is packed with CBD. For example, Cannacares offer a 100ml CBD balm that is packed with 150mg of CBD that will provide endless nourishment for your skin. It can be purchased here.

• Another very important factor is the THC content. It is illegal in most of the states in the US to use CBD oil with more than 0.3% THC levels. Therefore, ensure that your CBD oil does not have more than the allowable limits of THC in it.

Ensuring Quality

Third-Party Lab Testing

One of the ways to ensure the authenticity of the claims of different sellers is to check for the third party analysis report of the product.

A reputed company would transparently share its third-party lab reports on its website. Buy from these companies to be on the safer side.

Brand Reputation

This is one of the most important factors to ensure the quality of CBD oil.

A reputed brand earns its reputation through consistent delivery of quality products over time. And it cannot afford to spoil it by offering inferior products.

So, go for the reputed brand if you wish to ensure the good quality of CBD oil.


Check your budget and buy accordingly. However, do not compromise with the quality of the product.

At the same time, if you have a low budget avoid buying products with non-value adding features.

Final Words

It is always a good idea to know the important factors to consider before buying any product. It helps you in making an informed decision and making the right choices.

These were some important factors to consider before buying CBD oil. We hope that this would help you in taking the right decision.

Finally, we would suggest you consult your physician and also to check the local laws prevailing in the respective state before buying your CBD oil.