Valley of the Sun United Way, serving Maricopa County for 95 years, today released the “Valley of the Sun United Way COVID-19 Response Report” covering the organization’s first seven weeks of local response, March 20-May 8, 2020. The report is available at

The United for the Valley COVID-19 Fund launched to support nonprofit partners in the health and human services and education sectors, as well as schools in Maricopa County. The fund is intended to provide financial support related to immediate and emerging needs of organizations and the vulnerable individuals and families they serve, such as maintaining housing, securing food, access to reliable childcare, home sanitation supplies, and learning tools. 

As of May 8, 2020, United Way raised $2.6 million and granted $1.2 million to local organizations. More than 37 companies and hundreds of individuals have donated to the fund so far.

“We are incredibly grateful for the quick and generous response by so many in our community. This pandemic touches every one of us and it’s heartening that businesses and individuals selflessly give to help those most devastated,” said Carla Vargas Jasa, President and CEO of Valley of the Sun United Way. “We’re proud of what we’ve done on behalf of our community so far, but our work is far from over. United Way will continue to work side-by-side with nonprofits, schools and the entire community to provide ongoing relief and, simultaneously, build toward recovery.”

While the United for the Valley COVID-19 Fund is at the center of United Way’s response work in Maricopa County, the report also provides insight into the organization’s distribution of more than just in-kind goods, which are valued at more than $710,000, but also points to public policy and advocacy work and volunteerism. Additionally, the report highlights the response of its nonprofit partners.

To learn more about Valley of the Sun United Way’s United for the Valley COVID-19 Fund, or to make a contribution, visit or text Unitedfund to 51-555.