There has never been a better time to start your own business and brand, and if fashion is your thing then creating a clothing business could be the right way to go.

It may seem daunting to begin with, but creating your own business and brand can be extremely rewarding not only financially but it can also offer great job satisfaction.

Let’s run through some tips and ideas to help get your new business up and running.

Create an Action Plan

Before starting anything else it’s vitally important to begin with writing out a list of your targets and what actions you need to take to get there. Be realistic with your short term goals but that doesn’t mean don’t create a long term plan.

Start with the small stuff, like creating a name and brand then work out how it is best to build on those things.

Decide what type of clothing you want to create. Suppose you decide to focus on one particular item of clothing, such as t-shirts or hats. Then, you can purchase your own machinery and supplies from trusted online retailers like EcoFreen, which offer a great variety of products. In addition to saving time and money on finding manufacturers, this will allow you to gain brand independence. Even if you ultimately wish to create a variety of garments, start with the most basic and easiest ones.

Work on A Logo

Before you start creating the pieces of clothing, it’s important to have a logo that befits your brand. If you are the creative kind of person then you might be able to create a stand out logo by yourself, but don’t be worried if you need to outsource this to someone else to create for you.

Once you have a logo, it’s a good idea to make sure they are placed on all the garments of clothing you create, maybe using custom sewing labels to give it that extra special touch.

Adding little extras like a nice label to the clothes can help you stand out from the competition, so be creative and try to catch the eye.

Friends and Family

Before trying to sell your product to the general public it’s always an excellent idea to begin trying to get your friends and family to buy your products.

This way you can get real, honest feedback on your creations and they can also help spread the word about your new clothing line.

Use Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool that should be utilised by every type of business. It’s free and easy to set up pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and is a great platform for you to showcase your clothing line. Try and use as many different social platforms as possible and build the pages up so that they all work as one.

Try and build up a following but posting good content regularly on your social media pages, and also following, liking and commenting on other brands similar to yours. By doing this it can help gain you more exposure to your page, which in turn can help create more sales for you.

A good idea is to always try and engage with your followers/fans to build a good rapport with them. Try running regular competition for freebies, or vouchers that offer cheaper deals for your clothes.

People love freebies and offers, so it’s a great way to boost sales and build a bigger following on your pages.

Try and get your followers liking and sharing your content as much as possible.

Online Shops

Having your own website where you can list and showcase your creations is very important. Take examples of what a good site should look like from other websites like Dutch Label Shop.

As well as creating your own online portal/website to sell your creations, you should also try and find other well known established online websites that sell similar items to which you have created.

Sites such as Amazon or Etsy already have a large customer base, so by selling your product on their shops can open up a huge amount of traffic to your brand.

Do bear in mind that selling on these types of websites normally requires a fee and or a commission from each sale you make, so always try to work within your pricing and costing.


You want to try and get as much exposure for your new clothing line as possible. There are a few tricks and ideas that can help with this. One would be to give freebies away to friends and family or loyal customers in exchange for them wearing the clothing as much as possible.

The more people that see your clothing being worn by others the more chances of getting them interested in buying them themselves.

Another little trick for exposure is if you happen to know anyone famous or at least well known in their field and again offer to give them some free samples of your sloths in exchange for them wearing and also posting pictures of them wearing the clothes on social media.

Some famous people have huge followings on their social media pages and just imagine what a picture of them wearing your brand could do for you. Exposing your brand to thousands of people can easily help generate a lot of sales, particularly if the person in question fits well with your style, niche or brand.

Don’t Give Up

Like all start up businesses, you will have your ups and downs but it is important not to give up. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve, be realistic with your goals while still being ambitious for success. Work hard and work smart, putting the time and energy into the right things.

Always seek advice from people who have been there and done it. Use their words of wisdom to help guide you when you have those hard days.

To Sum Up

Although starting a new business can be hard it’s also very rewarding. If your passion is clothing then there is no time like the present to start on a new adventure.

There really is nothing more pleasing than creating a brand from the bottom and building it into a successful brand. So what are you waiting for?