Like all social media networks, Instagram presents business owners and entrepreneurs with unique opportunities to reach and connect with their audiences. Getting the most out of Instagram requires more than just creating an account and posting some pictures. Users who want their content to be seen should focus on improving their Instagram presence. Read on to find out how to get started.

1. Give New Profiles a Boost

The algorithms that control who sees what posts are complex, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be hacked. Instagram marketers have already figured out that the number of followers a user has an impact how high their posts are in people’s feeds, and the amount of engagement with individual posts has a similar impact. Newcomers to the platform can give their profiles a boost by working with an Instagram growth service like Twicsy to make the rest of these tips more effective.

2. Use Ads

While social media presence is all about organic interactions, that doesn’t mean Instagram ads can’t form an integral part of an ad campaign. Businesses often use ads to promote products, services, sales, and contests so that these posts will be more likely to wind up in their target audience’s feeds. Instagram allows users to create ads targeting audiences based on a wide variety of demographic factors, making it easy to create an effective campaign with a solid return on investment.

3. Work with Influencers

Social media influencers are people who have not just a lot of followers but also a good deal of sway over what those followers buy. Think of them as online brand ambassadors. Working with influencers is a fantastic way to increase organic reach and boost sales, and businesses that operate in niche markets often find that working with micro-influencers is both more effective and less costly than trying to convert big-name celebrities.

4. Plan Content

To the uninitiated, it may look like successful Instagram accounts have random, sporadic posts that cover a wide range of topics. In fact, those posts are well thought out and their timing is carefully planned. Users with a strong Instagram presence create new content frequently but post it according to a pre-planned calendar.

5. Go Live

Instagram Live offers a unique opportunity to strengthen connections with a brand’s existing audience. Going Live shouldn’t be about pushing a sales pitch, though. Use this feature to showcase the brand’s values and interact with followers in real-time.

6. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories offers another opportunity to connect with followers and convert them into loyal brand enthusiasts. As with Instagram Live, the Stories feature shouldn’t be used for sales pitches. Instead, use it to develop a brand image by posting behind-the-scenes content, running competitions, and getting creative.

7. Encourage Participation

Keeping Instagram followers engaged is an active task. Users can’t just get them and forget them. Instead, make a point of interacting with their content and encouraging them to participate in community activities on the business page.

8. Create Contests

People love friendly competition, so creating an Instagram contest is a fantastic way to reach out to users and increase engagement. It takes some work to create contest rules, terms, and conditions and then promote it enough to get submissions, but it’s worth the work. Contests and giveaways allow business owners to better establish their brand personas and create more active followings.

9. Use the Right Hashtags the Right Way

Using appropriate hashtags is a good way to help more people find a post, but that doesn’t mean content creators should spam their posts with dozens of them. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but experts generally recommend using no more than three to five of them. Focus on finding hashtags that are relevant to the brand and post and popular among the target audience.

10. Prioritize Instagram

It’s common for businesses to maintain profiles on several social media sites, so most assume they should post new content to all of them at once. In fact, it’s more effective to choose one platform, in this case, Instagram, and focus on directing customers and casual browsers to that profile. Instead of posting the same content to multiple sites, create messages on other platforms that tell users they can head to Instagram to find valuable new content.

It Takes Some Time

Making use of the tips and tricks above is a great way for business owners and aspiring influencers to improve their social media presence, but it’s not an overnight fix. It takes some time to develop a following and start exerting social influence online.