3 Skin Care Tips to Help You Weather the Changing Seasons

Weather | 1 Mar, 2014 |

Spring is right around the corner, and just like fashion, our skin changes with each season. As Valley women pull out their summer dresses and prep their body for bikini season, they need to prep their skin for a summertime glow, too. 20 Lounge Nail and Beauty Bar offered to share the skinny on skin health and how to get that glow with three easy practices.

The transition from winter to summer is the harshest climate change on our skin, but here are a few skin care tips to prep our skin and give it a healthy, beautiful spring time glow :

Exfoliate. Our skin is dry from the winter, so you need to exfoliate daily to remove the dead skin cells and promote new cell generation. Know what’s in your exfoliator. Don’t use exfoliators that contain apricot pits or walnut shells; it will cause micro tears in your skin and create more problems and cause breakouts.

Use toners. Toners will help balance your skin’s chemicals, even out, and brighten your skin tone, so you can wear less make up as the weather warms up to help reduce break outs and control shine poolside. Know what toner to use, though. Toner is a necessary step in the cleansing process for your face, but depending on your skin type, there are different types of toners that will bring out your skin’s natural glow.

Moisturize. Whether you have dry or oily skin, moisturizer is your best friend. It will minimize your face’s oil as the weather warms up by giving your skin the hydration it needs while getting rid of winter’s dry skin. It is a myth that you shouldn’t use moisturizer on oily skin; moisturizer helps balance skin and will reduce the creation of oil as the weather warms up.

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