Don’t take it personally, but as you’re thinking about servicing your AC unit for the valley’s quickly-approaching summer, you may also want to address those bugs that are currently marching across your kitchen floor.

“It’s go-time!” relates Nathan Woolf, co-founder of Blue Sky Pest Control. “Once our nighttime temperatures start to stay above 68 degrees, a lot of the bugs like scorpions that were less active during the cooler months start to forage more and get a lot more active, and our phones start ringing even more.”

Woolf also notes that our heavy winter rains meant more standing water, and some species actually lay their eggs under such conditions, and now that it’s getting warmer, we’re seeing the next wave of offspring.

“It’s kind of like turning on a stove,” relates Curtis Whalen, co-founder of Blue Sky Pest Control. “Things start to heat up, critters start to hatch out, and suddenly, everything is more active.”

Whalen also notes that even though Arizona is situated in the desert, our state is in a high-pressure zone for bugs, and in the Top 5 states in the nation for termite treatments.

“The old adage is true here: ‘There are homes that have termites – and those that will get them,’” adds Whalen. “Arizona has a lot of pests because of our indigenous species, as well as the micro-environments we have created, with things like drip-systems creating man-made moisture pockets that are perfect for insects and pests (food, shelter, and water).”

In no particular order, here are the TOP 5 “GO-TIME” BUGS you need to be aware of:

1. Roaches – cockroaches are of the order Blattodea, and about 30 species LOVE human habitats

2. Crickets – harmless enough, until you’ve listened to their chirping through a sleepless night

3. Spiders – some people actually suffer from Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders

4. Scorpions – the Arizona Bark Scorpion is venomous and can live up to 7 years

5. Ants – As one of the top nuisance pests in Arizona, controlling them is a constant battle as they are continually migrating and creating new colonies. 

Whalen also lists earwigs, black widow spiders, mice, rats and termites (“the pest that never sleeps”) as top summer time pests that people call about most frequently. If you’re unsure, just call Blue Sky Pest Control and they can normally determine what you’ll need to do over the phone – or they’ll even send out a technician for a FREE inspection (unless you’re selling your home).

“People send us pictures of bugs all the time,” smiles Whalen. “If it’s bugging you – we’re here to help, especially during go-time!”