WebPT is spearheading the introduction of  Practice Experience Management (PXM) as a groundbreaking category of healthcare technology that revolutionizes the experience of a practice across every clinical, patient, and administrative touchpoint. As the first rehab therapy EMR, WebPT continues its legacy of innovation with the industry’s only unified PXM technology platform. The platform delivers everything rehab therapy practices need to be successful in a rapidly changing—and increasingly competitive—rehab landscape.

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“PXM represents a paradigm shift in the rehab therapy, uniting patient care and practice management into one integrated suite,” said Ashley Glover, CEO at WebPT. “Over the past 15 years, WebPT has continued to evolve and innovate to meet the unique needs of the industry. With new challenges faced by rehab therapy practices, PXM helps providers go beyond singular touchpoints, exchanges, and sessions and support their holistic approach to healing. WebPT provides the only solution that addresses the practice experience, from end to end—combining integrated technology with the human touch.”

PXM Unifies Patient Experience and Practice Intelligence

In today’s digital culture, patients expect more from their healthcare experience, seeking choice, accessibility, and convenience. However, the healthcare industry has struggled to meet these demands, leading patients to delay or not complete plans of care. Additionally, many practices are operating without the business intelligence needed for financial success. According to the WebPT’s 2023 State of Rehab Therapy Report, only 49% of respondents say they leverage clinical data and 43% say they leverage financial data to improve patient care and practice operations. 

PXM bridges this gap and transforms the patient experience while empowering rehab therapists to excel in their profession through improved clinical performance and enhanced operations.  With PXM rehab therapy practices can grow and thrive, even when having to compete within an ecosystem that is experiencing employee shortages and declining payer reimbursements.

 The PXM platform comprises:

  • Care: A suite of solutions built specifically for rehab therapists to improve clinical operations and create a singular arc of healing. With Care, therapists can deliver unrivaled clinical experiences—specific to their discipline—to improve outcomes and drive higher patient satisfaction. 
  • Engage: Practices are empowered to improve patient acquisition and retention with Engage solutions that are native to the platform. Every patient interaction—from the first impression, to the course of care and beyond—feels cohesive and relevant. Practices can elevate their patient-practice relationships and ensure they are reaching more patients who can benefit from rehab therapy.
  • Monetize: Rehab therapy providers can unlock the full potential of their earning power with Monetize solutions that streamline billing and revenue cycle management. Monetize simplifies billing processes, helping teams maximize collections while proactively driving strategies for growth and expansion.

“JAG-ONE Physical Therapy has grown to more than 100 locations while maintaining a high quality practice experience with the help of our technology partner WebPT,” said John Gallucci Jr., MS, ATC, DPT, Chief Executive Officer, JAG-ONE Physical Therapy. “In order to help patients recover and improve their quality of life, our clinical and administrative teams need the ability to streamline workflows, connect patient data, and focus on what truly matters—our patients’ well-being. WebPT helps JAG-ONE accomplish this across our growing organization with a platform we love to use.”

To learn more about WebPT’s Practice Experience Management (PXM) and how it is transforming the rehab therapy landscape, visit the new WebPT.com or join WebPT in person at Ascend, the ultimate rehab therapy business summit, from September 21-23 in Phoenix, AZ.