Russia has now started offering Russia evisa for Indians. This recent choice to simplify the Russia tourist visa for Indians process signifies a big step in the diplomatic ties between the two countries. 

This change makes the relationship stronger and encourages more Indian tourists to visit Russia by making it simpler to explore the country’s attractions.

Important notes on the Online Russian Visa

Under the previous application process for the Russia visa for Indians, citizens faced a time-consuming and complex procedure that often discouraged potential travelers. 

The introduction of the streamlined Russia evisa process brings a breath of fresh air, offering many benefits. The E-visa process offers efficiency, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and faster processing than the previous method.

The Russia evisa allows you to:

  • Enter Russia
  • Stay for private or business reasons
  • Enjoy tourism
  • Participate in events like science, culture, sports, etc.
  • Engage in relevant communications and interactions.

For travel reasons not mentioned above, you must apply for a regular Russian visa for Indians at the Russian embassy or consulate, not an evisa.

Key Highlights about the Russia evisa for Indians:

  • This e-visa is electronic and biometric, providing the same rights as a regular visa.
  • Applicants for the Russia evisa are not obligated to provide an invitation letter, proof of hotel reservation, or any other documentation that confirms the purpose of their visit to Russia.

Length of Stay and Validity of the Russia Tourist Visa for Indians:

When you travel with an online Russia visa for Indians, you’re allowed to stay up to 16 days from the day you enter the country. However, it’s important to note that these 16 days aren’t equivalent to 384 hours, as both your arrival and departure days are counted as two days. 

This Russia evisa for Indians is designed for a single entry and has a validity of 60 days from its date of issue. For accurate calculations of your permitted stay, using a visa calculator on the official website when you apply is recommended. 

The application process for this e-visa typically takes a maximum of four days for processing. The Russia tourist visa for Indians has a consular fee of just $40.

Applying for the Russia visa for Indians

Before applying for your online Russia visa for Indians:

  • Keep your valid national passport handy, the one you intend to use when entering Russia.
  • Prepare a digital passport photo in JPEG format and a separate JPEG image of your face that meets the specified criteria.
  • Have a bank card ready to pay the visa fee.

Steps to apply for the Russia evisa: 

  • Visit the official website or authorised online agents such as Atlys. 
  • Click ‘register new user’ and complete the required details, including your email and password.
  • Expect a confirmation email in your provided inbox.
  • Click the link in the email and log in to your account.
  • Access your profile to choose ‘Apply for a new eVisa.’
  • Upload a digital photo of yourself that meets the given criteria.
  • Provide personal and visit details, along with any extra required information.
  • Complete the process by paying the visa fees.

You also have the option to use other online platforms like Atlys to apply for your Russia tourist visa for Indians. This method is equally convenient compared to applying directly through the government portal.

If there is incorrect information submitted in your application:

  • The vias processing stops.
  • You’ll get the application back for edits within 2 calendar days.
  • Correct it through your personal account.
  • Reprocessing happens only after the corrected application submission.

Extending your Online Russia Visa for Indians:

Extending the e-visa or stay period is possible only in specific situations:

  • Emergency medical treatment needs.
  • Unavoidable situations (force majeure) or natural disasters.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or its territorial bodies handle the extension process.
  • It can be done at your registered migration place or actual stay location.
  • This extension results in issuing a regular (non-electronic) visa.

In summary, the simplified Russia evisa process signifies a major step forward in the relationship between India and Russia. This easier method allows Indian citizens to discover Russia’s attractions effortlessly.

The Official eVisa application portal has made the application process user-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. Indian citizens can also use platforms like Atlys to apply for their Russia tourist visa for Indians online. 

Government Sources: 

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