Audio-visual suppliers are companies that install and design different audio/visual systems that provide information for presentation and transmission applications. From giant HD screens to teleconferencing systems, audio-visual suppliers will analyse and attend to the demands of their clients.

An audio-visual integration company like CDEC can dramatically transform a typical lecture theatre into an immersive learning centre, fostering excellent presentations, communications, and eventually concerted efforts between teachers and students. At CDEC, we have state-of-the-art audio-video integrator systems that have helped different educational systems achieve their goals of communicating effectively to their students.

Digital Signage Is an Excellent Marketing Method

Digital signage is famous for its attractive displays. As a result, it is a suitable marketing solution since most people respond to their visual stimuli. What’s more? You can customise your message to meet the needs and expectations of your target audience.

Digital signage is a virtual interface that marketers can use to influence the behaviour of their prospective and most loyal customers by creating unique content that resonates with their needs. This marketing strategy is the go-to method for developing attention-catching signs that market services or brands to the public, ultimately augmenting profit margins and driving sales.

High-End Audio-Visual Equipment in Use

The world has been rapidly changing at a consistent pace in the last few years. With most educational institutions now adopting the use of audio-video integrator systems in their teaching process, they are steadily looking for suppliers that will meet their needs. The market is saturated with different suppliers, all claiming to provide the best audio-visual systems. But most fail to meet the needs of their customers. Customers who’ve used the high-end audio-visual equipment suppliers at CDEC have attested to its excellent service delivery. Our systems are time-tested and customer-vetted and will make your audio-visual delivery dream a reality in no time.

Itching to make your students understand more via the use of AV equipment? We’ll make it a reality!

Itching to make your conference or convention a digital one? Then, we’ll make it a reality too!

We’ll work closely with you to make your dreams come to pass. Is that something you’ll want? Reach out to us let’s help you!

Projection Systems and Displays

From lecture theatres to audio-visual training rooms, CDEC has what your educational institution needs to make it compete favorably among its peers.  Our projection systems and display engineers have come up with the most cost-efficient way of helping you accomplish your corporate or educational goals. The display system can be anything from LCD and flat-panel displays to short-throw and ceiling-installed projectors.

Suppose you are looking for a provider of video collaboration solutions and educational teaching gadgets. In that case, CDEC is strategically positioned to provide you with the right mix of excellence and competence to achieve your display goals. Be it digital signage or High Definition, we’ll match the right system with your budget and space. In addition, we are here to ensure that you meet your current and future audio-visual system needs.

Audio-Visual Video Collaboration Systems

Many businesses and educational institutes in the United Kingdom are returning to their workplaces in recent post-pandemic times. They will need to rethink their environment to accommodate new working methods and safety precautions.

One of the most significant changes that they’ll have to make is how to fully exploit common facilities such as meeting rooms and lecture theatres. For example, schools can turn lecture theatres from a traditional teaching place into a collaboration and productivity hub with the correct audio-video installations and technologies.

An Audio-Visual Supply Company

Reduced ownership cost, environmental performance, and a rigorous space requirement are all factors to consider. But, irrespective of your top priority, we’ll supply you with the correct audio-video system integrators and technologies to help meet your educational goals.

To provide our customers with dependable and creative solutions, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we are in synchrony with their needs. To achieve the best possible conditions for our clients, we engage proactively with the members of our supply chain.

Whether it’s a one-time supply or a component of a larger system, our top aim is to provide good value for money by supplying dependable and trustworthy products. We can also offer customized services such as design, setup, and customized programming as a premier AV digital media consultant.

Interactive Displays

The ability to provide a positive customer experience for users is a critical aspect of the success of any business. To provide such an experience, many companies will use engaging billboards, social media posters, smartphone connections, and VR technology more recently. As a result, your guests will be able to quickly engage with your business and build a relationship that’ll enhance their journey with your display, all thanks to interactive displays.

Our audio-visual technologies are intended to make classrooms more interesting for students and more powerful for teachers. Participatory and collaborative screens and excellent sound systems will help you hold your students’ interest, make communication healthier, and improve the educational environment.

Your students want to be as engaged as possible; thus, a touchscreen would be preferred over a face-to-face conversation. When you offer people control over these encounters, you can quickly inform them and persuade them that their time was well spent.

Long-term Audio Visual Solutions for Schools and Businesses

Educators may teach their students with our simple and yet efficient audio-visual solutions. It also provides instructors with innovative teaching methods which will improve children’s and teens’ educational experiences while also improving class engagement.

Separately and in groups, effective learning environments promote collaboration, participation, and creative applications. Students will look forward to going to class and will be motivated to learn!

Control Systems and Components

Because audio-visual solutions are often intended to meet a communication requirement, they may include one or more of the following elements:

• Audio and video communication systems

• Digital signage and displays

• Video walls

• Interactive displays

• Audio augmentation tools

• Control systems

These technologies, when combined, may provide a powerful sensory experience for students in your school. Of course, the systems that make the most appeal may vary depending on the school and the environment provided for its installation. But as experts in the business for years, we can help you.