Do you ever get concerned about black smoke emitting from vehicles? What causes some engines to discharge dark smoke, which majorly contributes to air pollution. With this, it is hazardous to lung health. It is because of the burning of raw substances in the engine as they are present in petroleum. It is damaging to the engine’s life too. Particulate filters prevent such substances from entering the engine.

So, you must be wondering about what is a diesel particulate filter? As the name depicts, it filters out the ash, dirt, soot, and other harmful matter from diesel engines that can potentially affect an engine’s health.

Importance of Diesel Particulate Filters

So, you must have heard about the diesel particulate filters of DPF if you own a diesel-powered vehicle. A diesel particulate filter is the engine’s exhaust after-treatment device. It usually halts particulate matter like soot, ash, or dirt. It usually contains a ceramic substrate with a honeycomb structure, where such filth or residuals accumulate.

Whether you own a diesel-dependent car or a truck, a properly working Diesel filter particulate is crucial to ensure a vehicle’s engine health. It contributes in such small parts for smooth engine running. If Diesel particulate filter is not entirely functional, or its’ efficiency is for a short period, in this case, you must get ready for a considerable amount in the name of DPF repair or replacement.

Types of Diesel Particulate Filter Blockage

A properly working diesel particulate filter safeguards a smooth-running engine; otherwise, such particulates reduce engine life. A DPF can typically remove 70-80% of particulate matter, while some efficient DPF can remove up to 100% of such harmful matter.

The blockage is caused due to deposited particulate like soot and ash because of low speed and less distance covering that does not start the self-cleaning filter process. It needs to be burned off periodically as the particulate substances keep on forming a layer on a ceramic substrate. It is a filter regeneration process as by this, it gets rid of excessive particulate deposit on the filter and works with efficiency as before.

Diesel particulate Filter Regeneration Process

The soot is burned in the regeneration process. It converts carbon to carbon dioxide. The DP filters are cleaned with compressed air treatment to remove ash, which blows away the excess ash from the filters.

By this process, your DPF works appropriately, and periodic treatment is essential for its maintenance and long-running. Otherwise, they may fail in no time.

A standard DPF engine manufacturer according to EPA engine standards 2007

A reliable DFP manufacturer is Catalytic exhaust product LTD. They are known for their exclusive DPF features that are;

Heavy-duty construction: Is designed to perform efficiently by resisting high heat, corrosion, vibration, etc.

High-end catalytic coatings have a pure quality metallic substrate that enables them to oxidize particulate and vapors to work efficiently for a long time. Additional NO2 suppression coating causes NO2 suppression without emitting nitrogen dioxide into the air.

It is designed to fit directly into engine compartments with some additional custom connections to amplify its functioning.