Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term for creating digital content best suited to helping your audience find you. Corporate SEO is a little different, and requires a far more tactical approach because of the added constraints inherent to the approach. Corporate SEO requires an infrastructural understanding of the business at large before individualized SEO practices can be implemented.

Typically, these methods do not pertain to small businesses, but they certainly could. Essentially, when approaching SEO at the corporate level, you are trying to solve the stakeholder problem in which each level of the business needs optimization, not just the forward-facing content for your client. Generally speaking, corporate SEO deals with large enterprises with many employees and a sizeable online presence that needs content optimization. It’s mainly an issue of volume, but those needs extend across business sectors or product ranges. Here are some things that set corporate SEO apart from other SEO strategies.

Keyword Research Strategy

This begins, like all SEO content marketing, with keyword research. This type of research simply gathers data about the types of searches your potential customers are conducting online. Sales are all about conversion, so the more viewers your digital marketing draws in, the more sales you will produce. Start with a combination of short and long-tail keywords that fit within an overall SEO theme in order to produce the best results. In the corporate atmosphere, it’s important to hit on a number of these high-value keywords as well as some more obscure ones in order to draw in searchers who are looking for something similar or don’t know exactly what they need yet. In addition, an SEO consultant can help in determining the best way to capture potential customers by boosting your relevance to their searches. For example, if you sell replacement AC components, branding yourself with ‘AC parts solution’ might produce better SERP (Search Results Page) results than ‘AC reseller.’ It’s all about teasing out what exactly works for your clients and what doesn’t.

Producing Content

Once your SEO theme is established, it’s important to pump out high-quality content that helps your customers. Building a solid online presence through content creation that dominates your business’ niche is essential to growing your presence in the marketplace. You might not think it, but big businesses need to develop and post routine SEO work in order to remain relevant to their client base as much as small enterprises do.

Without robust digital and social media marketing campaigns, your business is doomed to remain stagnant, and immobility is even worse than losing clients. This is the area where local business begins to capture your client base because consumers, frankly, have a short attention span. Constant and creative marketing materials are essential to business survival, even in the corporate world.

Corporate SEO is just as important as search engine optimization practices for small businesses and online-only service providers. It’s the means by which business, of all sizes, grows. Expanding your digital presence and social network is the future of commerce. Thankfully, outsourced SEO professionals exist to help businesses that have never needed these services before. Chances are, your large-scale operation is somewhat new to the concept of optimization. In the old world, billboards and television ads generated all the traffic and revenue needed to keep ahead of the market. This simply isn’t the case anymore, and your competitors are quickly getting wise to the necessity of aggressive SEO inclusions in all their digital media products and advertising campaigns.

Grow your business into the future by incorporating a corporate SEO strategy today and don’t miss the boat. The alternative is a slow industrial death—sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before you know it you will go the way of the Kodak film company or 21st Century Reality and Hertz if you don’t use the secret weapon of corporate SEO strategy.