Every business owner knows that security is paramount and key to long-term business success. Whether you own a retail store, office building or an events company, keeping customers, staff and merchandise safe is absolutely vital, especially in the current climate. Businesses face numerous threats and hazards all-year-round which is why investing in the services of a private security company is a need for the majority of companies and small businesses. However, with so many options to choose from, deciding on the best private security service to complement your business’s current security strategy can often be a challenging and confusing task. If you are a business owner looking to amp up on security but find yourself unsure of where to start, we’re here to help.

Today we share 5 different private security options, in a bid to help you make the most informed decision on which type of security is right for your business. Read on to find out more.

1. Static Security Guard Services

One of the most common security solutions used by businesses all over the world is static security. As the name suggests, static security services consist of a security guard situated in a permanent position at your business premises, for example, at the entrance or exit of a store. These types of security guards are most commonly used for event spaces and retail premises, including banks, supermarkets and more. Research has shown that the presence of static security guards on site can be extremely effective, as potential criminals who see a permanent security guard are more likely to be deterred from committing a crime. On top of deterring criminals, the presence of static security in your business premises can give customers and staff added peace of mind that they are protected and safe from harm, meaning they are more likely to stay at your location.

If you are looking for private security services at an event or retail outlet, static security guards may be a great addition to your security strategy, as they can help guard entrances and exits, both ensuring that only those invited are able to enter and that potential shoplifters and criminals are deterred from entering your premises. In the majority of instances, permanent security guards do not carry any weapons, meaning they are unarmed. In the next point, we will discuss armed security service which may be necessary in high-threat environments.

2. Armed Security Guards

Armed security services are essential for businesses or locations that require a tougher security strategy and presence. In most cases, armed security guards are a popular option in high-threat environments where an individual’s life is in danger or if the business or property is located in a location with high crime statistics. Examples include construction sites, hospitals, financial institutions and certain retail establishments dealing with high-value items. Some factors that may play a part in making the decision to hire armed security guards include:

• Slow emergency response in your area;

• Past history with robbery, theft or crime;

• Issues with security access control systems;

Employees working late into the night; and

• High level of crime in your neighborhood.

Armed security guards may provide numerous benefits to certain commercial businesses and institutions. However, with that being said, armed security is not a necessity for all businesses. As such, business owners are encouraged to take stock of your greatest security threats and needs before hiring armed security guards.

3. Mobile Patrol Security

Another incredibly popular private security solution comes in the form of mobile patrol security guards.

Unlike static security services, mobile patrol guards are able to move around your whole premises (on foot or in a car) to monitor for potential dangers or suspicious behavior that may cause harm to your business. Mobile security services are often used in businesses that cover a large area, such as warehouses, hospitals and large commercial/office buildings; in this scenario, two-way radios can be helpful. Internal patrol security guards on foot can explore your building or premises, while exterior patrols in cars or bikes can inspect the perimeter of your building. Moreover, patrols are often done randomly and without a predictable pattern, so that any thieves or criminals targeting your business cannot predict their presence.

Most modern mobile patrol security services also offer real-time incident reporting on the cloud, and staff are highly trained in dealing with high-risk situations and emergencies, allowing for a first point of contact with the authorities in the event of a crime. Additionally, mobile patrol services are also extremely effective in ensuring the safety of your premises after hours or when the premises are empty — periods in which criminals often target businesses due to lack of staff or security. As a business owner, you can hire a permanent security patrol service to patrol your property at all hours of the day and night, or to visit your selected location at predetermined intervals on predetermined days.

4. Video Surveillance Operators

Most businesses are equipped with CCTV cameras and other monitoring equipment, in a bid to keep an eye on illegal or suspicious activity. Video surveillance operators work hand in hand with both static and mobile patrol security services, allowing for collaboration to evaluate camera footage, conduct surveillance, and monitor the situation at your business premises. In most cases, operators work in a central control room, monitoring and controlling a variety of different screens that are linked to surveillance cameras placed in and around your business premises to detect suspicious behavior, prevent crime, and protect your staff and patrons.

5. Event Security Guards

As we briefly touched on earlier in the article, event security guards are a type of static security guard service intended to manage and protect large crowds at events. Some of these events include but are not limited to conferences, concerts, nightclubs, workshops and sporting events. These types of guards are undoubtedly the most well-known in the profession due to their high visibility. Event security guards can assist in scanning tickets AND checking guest lists and IDs, on top of checking attendees belongings to prevent dangerous or forbidden items entering your event premises. Moreover, they play a big role in preventing or breaking up physical fights and unruly behavior, particularly during events that usually involve alcohol consumption (ie nightclubs or concerts).

Bonus: Event security guards are trained in crowd control, fire incidents, suspected terrorism an overcharged crowds, thus making them an excellent choice if you are hosting an event, conference or high-capacity event.

And there you have it: Five types of private security services on offer to protect your business premises, patrons, merchandise and staff. As you can see, depending on the nature of your business, the type of security service that will most benefit you will differ. We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into which type of privacy security service is right for your individual business needs. Most importantly, do keep in mind that there may be a variety of solutions available to meet your individual needs or goals, so don’t feel limited to choosing just one!

Have a question about choosing the best type of private security for your business? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!