Maximizing engagement in the workplace is one of the best ways to get the most out of your employees. At first glance, simply paying your employees more money might seem like a simple answer. But is it? 

Research shows that employees want more than money when they come to work. Surveys suggest that associates may simply want to feel like they have a voice in the workplace.  

When your coworkers have a voice, they feel valued, and that alone will increase engagement. But more specifically, how do employers increase engagement while providing employees with a platform to relay their feelings in a meaningful manner? Let’s explore these 3 top strategies that will help increase employee engagement.

Facilitating Direct Feedback 

There’s a tasteful way to facilitate engagement between employees, and one of the best ways to do that is the Matter app. Good employees simply like to know where they stand in the eyes of their superiors and team members. 

Using Matter, employees can discover their strengths while gaining insights on their blind spots. Apps like Matter are used by some of the most prominent organizations in the world to increase employee engagement, and the results speak for themselves. Anyone from a freelancer to a project manager can gain valuable insights from the Matter app.  

Provide Coaching and Direction

Put yourself in the position of an up-and-coming rock star in your company. Providing this particular person with a competitive wage will probably satiate their competitive drive as they onboard with your company, but what about the future?  

When you provide coaching, training, and direction for this rock star employee, they’ll always know where they stand in your organization. When an employee knows that their employer is willing to invest in their career path, they’ll feel more engaged, thus helping your business accomplish its goals.

Be Social with your Employees 

Don’t just treat your employees to a nice lunch. Take your employees out to lunch and talk to them about their ambitions, their life, and their perspectives on the organization. It could be one-on-one, or it could be a team lunch, but when you go out, keep the lunch lighthearted and stray away from it becoming a working lunch. 

The objective of this lunch is for everyone attending to put their guard down and become a true stakeholder in your organization’s goals. When your team starts to feel like a work family, they’ll start treating each other like a family while in the office. This alone is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement.

Facts About Disengaged Employees

A 2012 study showed that businesses around the world lost nearly half a trillion dollars in productivity due to disengaged employees. The lack of engagement among a team can contribute to poor morale and less invested employees.

For many businesses, the consequences will continue to snowball downhill. The number 1 reason business leaders dismiss the prospect of engaging their employees is that they don’t buy into the fact there is a return on the investment.

This approach is short-sighted and antiquated since it does not line up with the heaps of data researchers have collected. The fact is businesses who dismiss engagement risk becoming like the dinosaurs. There’s a good chance that their business could go extinct.