Charlotte-based Wyndham Capital Mortgage, a leading Fintech mortgage lender, announced the opening of a new sales center in Phoenix today. Located in the Biltmore Financial District, the Phoenix location has been ramping up since January 2021. The new center will serve as one of Wyndham Capital’s West Coast headquarters where the company plans to triple its current staff size with Valley-based experienced mortgage consultants this year.

“Wyndham Capital selected Phoenix because it’s a powerful lending hub, home to top talent we aim to attract, and because Arizona is a great state for growing businesses,” said Christian Olin, director of sales for Phoenix. “We’re thrilled to put our roots down here. This new location is primed for outstanding success with real estate booming, and what we have to offer our team and their customers alike.”

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With the rise of the Fintech mortgage lender concept during the pandemic, Wyndham Capital built an entirely new model to set its loan officers up for success and to enhance the home purchasing and selling experience during heavy demand. With an investment in augmented intelligence, the company empowers its mortgage consultants with dedicated speed teams, robots that aid human intelligence with operational excellence and an all-inclusive data-driven marketing program that drives more consistent, higher-quality leads at the right time.

“Wyndham Capital is changing the game in the digital mortgage lending space,” said Jeff Douglas, Wyndham Capital CEO. “While we know there is power in this innovation, it truly is the people on the front lines making a difference.”

In 2020, the company automated nearly two million menial tasks freeing up time for its employees to focus on the borrower.  With intelligent automation, Wyndham Capital closes loans up to 15% faster than competing lenders when compared to industry average. With the goal of faster turn times, the company works hard to provide more competitive rates for their customers. This combination positions their borrowers to save time and money while allowing their mortgage consultants to close more loans per employee than the industry average.

“While we rely heavily on technology, we value our dedicated teams even more who keep our business thriving,” added Olin. “The company has more than tripled its headcount in just the last two years and has an industry-high retention rate. This truly is a testament to the company’s culture and our commitment to provide an environment where people want to work and stay long-term.”

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