Tuning your brain into the ebb and flow of furniture fashions can be a chore, as they seem to come and go so quickly.

If you want to be on-trend with your next couch purchase while avoiding any short-lived design fads that will look long in the tooth sooner rather than later, here are a few options that are getting people excited in 2021.

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda

If you have discovered lots of different types of couches and already decided which one is right for you, then it is worth noting that arguably the biggest trend shaping this market at the moment is not one of style, but rather of sustainability.

Modern consumers are eschewing the wasteful and unethical manufacturing processes of the past in favor of a new generation of eco-conscious, pro-worker brands.

While sustainable couches and similarly upstanding furniture ranges do come at a price, for lots of buyers it is one worth paying for the peace of mind that it brings with it. Be on the lookout for couches that are made with reclaimed materials, or even consider buying second hand instead of new.

Bold colors are back in action

For a long time it was difficult to find couches that were in anything other than neutral tones and muted hues. Thankfully the return of maximalism has brought with it a rise in the number of boldly colored furniture products that work well in a variety of contexts.

From intense oranges and yellows to rich, royal blues and deep greens, impactful single-color couches are all the rage right now. In addition there has been a rapid rise in demand for couches with intense and eye-catching floral prints, which again for many years were considered outdated.

This is an example of how furniture fashions tend to be cyclical, so even if bold couches decline in popularity in a couple of years, you can bet that they will be en vogue again before too long, making one a good investment now.

Curviness is cool

Couches tend to be designed in a relatively angular way, which is fine for standard living spaces, but can look a little Spartan in less average arenas. This is perhaps why curved couches are gaining traction today, creating a more social feel to the furniture and also giving you an alternative to cookie cutter corner sofas that are also commonplace.

Curvy furniture like this will not suit every room or fit in with every taste, but in the right environment and to the right owner, it could be a perfect match.

Irregularity is welcome

Another earlier trend which is being shattered in 2021 is the idea that all of your furniture should be of a similar style when it shares the same space. It is now even outright desirable to pick a couch because it does not echo the style of the rest of the pieces and accessories in your living room, lounge, snug or man cave.

You will need to be relatively confident to go for this kind of eclectic mash-up, but again if the combination is on-point then the rewards will be enjoyed every day.

Old-school excess is being embraced

The Art Deco design movement has never really fallen completely off the radar since it originated a century ago, and in 2021 it is riding high again, this time with a focus on the more opulent furniture styles associated with it.

From scalloped backs to button-studded cushions and tactile velvet upholstery, you can really push the boat out if you want a retro couch this year.