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Falcon Field plans new hangars, airfield improvements to meet growing demand

12 Sep, 2019

Falcon Field Airport in Mesa doesn’t offer commercial passenger flights like other Valley airports, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming…

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Able Aerospace expansion will add 100 jobs in Mesa

6 Sep, 2019

Employees, dignitaries and community members joined Able Aerospace Services, a Textron Aviation Inc. company, Thursday to officially open a $9…

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Mesa lands another aerospace expansion project

5 Sep, 2019

Arizona is known for its five C’s: citrus, cattle, copper, cotton, and climate. All good and well there. But it…

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Phoenix Deer Valley and Goodyear airports soar under the radar

21 Aug, 2019

Generally flying under the media’s radar yet soaring in terms of air traffic and flight programs, the Phoenix Deer Valley…

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CAVU Aerospace to locate 80K SF facility in Mesa

1 Aug, 2019

Today, CAVU Aerospace, one of the world’s leading providers of aircraft disassembly, aircraft recycling, asset management and MRO repairs, announced…

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Paragon awarded NASA contracts to develop technology

17 Jul, 2019

Tucson-based Paragon Space Development Corporation is now under contract with NASA for the development and testing of technology that would…

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Here’s how the UA guided men to the moon

29 Jun, 2019

Only a handful people were seriously studying the moon when President John F. Kennedy announced in 1961 that Americans would…

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Tucson’s Paragon awarded NASA contract for ISRU technology

28 Jun, 2019

Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon), and its partner Giner Inc., are proud to announce that they are now under contract…

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Honeywell Aerospace gets into air taxis with partnerships and new radar system

27 Jun, 2019

Air taxis sound like something out of a James Bond movie or The Jetsons, conjuring images of autonomous flying cars buzzing…

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Raytheon plans to merge with United Technologies

21 Jun, 2019

Pending approval, Raytheon and United Technologies plan to merge and become one of the biggest aerospace and defense manufacturers in…

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