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Tiny terrors: Mosquitoes in Arizona and how to avoid them

18 Aug

Monsoon storms, haboobs, scorching temperatures: Let’s face it, summer in Arizona comes with some big hazards. So it could be…

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Monsoon madness: Is it dust storm or haboob?

13 Aug

The monsoon thunderstorms have finally arrived after a delayed start to the season, and with them comes the familiar (or…

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Benefits of being a business owner who cares about the environment

5 Aug

All of us must take care of the environment. Considering that we already damaged it beyond repair, we have to…

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U.S. Forest Service announces massive RFP to clear out Arizona forests

5 Aug

The United States Forest Service took the first step to issue one of the largest RFPs in the history of…

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Sinema and McSally’s water supply infrastructure bill picks up steam

31 Jul

Last month, Arizona senators Martha McSally (R) and Kyrsten Sinema (D) joined forces in a show of bipartisanship by introducing…

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Cannabis cultivation: How to maximize CBD yield

29 Jul

Here we are, in the age of cannabis legalization, and there has literally never been as much freedom to cultivate…

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Nominations open for Cox Conserves Heroes Awards

24 Jul

Cox Enterprises, the parent company of Cox Communications in Arizona, and The Trust for Public Land have opened the nomination…

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‘Non-soon’: Arizona’s dry heat is delaying monsoon season

18 Jul

We’re a month into the monsoon season, and so far, it’s looking more like a non-soon. But the annual weather…

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Arizona earthquakes are mostly minor, but hundreds happen every year

10 Jul

Residents of Kingman, Surprise and Phoenix took to social media Friday evening to share images of water sloshing in pools,…

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Late start to monsoon season? Maybe not

28 Jun

Fireworks atop “A” Mountain on July 4 commemorate Independence Day, but also usually mark the start of monsoon season and…

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