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These personal injuries will get you the most money

3 Oct

The total cost of work injuries in 2020 was $163.9 billion, with this in mind a new report has revealed…

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Here’s how self-driving cars put Arizona traffic laws to the test

30 Sep

An influx of Waymo self-driving cars hit Phoenix roads late last month with its Waymo One Trusted Tester program. GM’s…

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What the American Data Privacy and Protection Act means for Arizona businesses

14 Sep

The printing press, invented around 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg, marked the beginning of a revolution in the way that individuals…

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Mental health considerations in estate planning

2 Sep

It is okay to not be okay. Removing the stigma of mental health starts with realizing that many people —…

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The risks and liabilities of pool ownership in Arizona

29 Aug

It’s no secret that it’s hot in Arizona. We are always looking for ways to stay cool and swimming pools…

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Here’s how Larry Lazarus helped shape Phoenix’s landscape

18 Aug

Throughout Larry Lazarus’ career as a land use attorney, he nurtured a critical skill for his occupation — consensus building.…

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AZ BIG Podcast: Susan Dana-Kobey talks COVID-19 impact on family law

5 Aug

The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy has officially dropped. Episode 45’s guest is Susan…

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Here are the legal implications of winning the lottery in Arizona

17 Jul

Some of us simply dream about winning the lottery while others are regular participants. The lottery is fun to play…

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Brnovich pushes to revive 120-year-old abortion ban in Arizona

1 Jul

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said he will push to revive a 120-year-old ban on abortion, changing his earlier position…

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AZ BIG Podcast: Jake Curtis talks all things liquor licensing

22 Jun

The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy has officially dropped. Episode 39’s guest is Jake…

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