Lake Havasu City is located along the Parker Dam off the Colorado River near the border of Arizona and California. The city itself lies in the middle of the southwestern American desert but has become known as an incredible tourism destination for people around the world. From its historical connection to 19th-century Europe to its incredible watercraft recreation, Lake Havasu has no shortage of fun activities to make the trip worth your while. Without further ado, here are seven things to do in Lake Havasu.

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Lake Havasu Museum of History

If you are a history buff like me, then a stop at the Lake Havasu Museum of History should definitely be on the itinerary. You can learn all about the city’s historical significance from the Native American tribes that occupied the land prior to the building of the Parker Dam to the vision of city founder Robert P. McCulloch and everywhere in between. Some of the incredible exhibits include a journey into the inventive mind of McCulloch, a look at the authentic bill of sale for the London Bridge, as well as materials from the original European rendition, and a peak into the desert wildlife that surrounds the city.

London Bridge Lake Havasu

London Bridge / English Village

The London Bridge was dismantled, purchased and shipped from London to Arizona in 1968. It is the largest antique ever sold and is the second-largest attraction in Arizona, behind the Grand Canyon. From the haunted tours through the hollow bridge to the love lock tradition atop the grand structure, there is plenty to keep you entertained in the English Village. Make sure you stop by the visitor center to get a full grasp of the history that lies within Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu Lighthouses

Arguably the coolest and most unique attractions in Lake Havasu City are the replica lighthouses spanning the shoreline. They are scaled-down versions of famous lighthouses from around the country. The massive collection of 28 lighthouses was originally started for safety purposes, as they all double as fully-functioning navigational beacons. Now, you can take tours throughout the lake to witness what I consider one of the coolest tourist attractions in the state.

Breweries and Wineries

Lake Havasu has certainly developed a bit of a reputation as a party haven, and in some ways, that is true. Whether you are on spring break or just enjoying some R&R with your partner, you should definitely check out the local breweries and wineries. There are plenty of terrific options, including Mudshark Brewery and Public House, where you will not only get great beer but world class pizza, as well. If you’re a craft beer fan, I highly recommend the Scorpion Amber Ale.

Lake Havasu State Park

Of course, many people venture to Lake Havasu for a chance to get out on the lake and enjoy the beautiful sunshine that Arizona is known for. If that applies to you, then take a trip to Lake Havasu State Park. You can find great hiking along the shores or just relax at one of its many gorgeous beaches.

Casinos and Nightlife

Havasu Landing Resort & Casino is actually located in Lake Havasu City’s counterpart city, Havasu Lake, California. It is just across the lake, and there is a ferry that takes people to and from the casino every hour on the hour. To be honest, the ferry ride might just seem like a convenient form of transportation, but it might as well be an attraction all its own, especially at night time when the city is lit up. And obviously, there are plenty of local watering holes for you to experience during your time in Arizona’s playground.

Recreation (Fishing / Hiking / Golfing)

Last, but certainly not least, there are plenty of recreational activities to keep you entertained for far longer than a weekend. First and foremost, LHC is widely considered the jet ski capital of the United States, so you better believe there is plenty to do on the water. Beyond that, there are specified fishing docks set up in no-wake zones throughout the lake to accommodate visitors. As previously mentioned, there are hiking trails located all throughout the city, with some leading you to the various lighthouses located along the shore. Finally, there are a variety of top-notch golf courses located within city limits and just outside of town.

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