December 18, 2012

Eric Shepperd

10 Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks

Christmas is right around the corner! You found the perfect gift, and now it’s time to create the perfect presentation for it.

Here’s Yours Truly, Me’s holiday gift wrapping guide to make your gifts look amazing under the tree:

1. Select the perfect gift wrap.

There are so many wonderful themes of gift wrap to choose from during the holiday season. Be sure to select the gift wrap that has cutting lines printed on the back. This will help you measure and cut the gift wrap evenly. If you are wrapping large gifts, go for the thick wrapping paper. This will help prevent the large gift from tearing the paper.

2. Invest in sharp scissors.

Nothing makes a gift look tackier then uneven lines and torn edges. Use sharp scissors to create a clean-cut edge on all sides of your gift; the sharper the scissors, the less frustrating gift-wrapping will be.

3. Measure the gift wrap before you cut it.

Take a moment to place your gift in the center of your gift wrap, and measure it so all the sides are even. If you skip this step, your gift may end up bulky with sloppy folds. Measuring before trimming will ensure your gift wrap is the perfect length, resulting in an elegantly wrapped gift.

4. Use the right tape.

Try using the Scotch Pop-up Tape Handband Dispenser. This hot item will make your gift-wrapping life so much easier! You will have one hand free to hold the paper to your gift, while using the other to dispense the tape. If you don’t want the tape to show, try using double-sided tape.

5. Forget the boring, mass-produced, stick-on bows!

Use wired fabric ribbon to create a simple bow instead. Ribbon will make any ordinary gift look extraordinary with almost no effort!

6. Adorn your gifts with a little something special.

Whether it is a beautiful ornament, or little trinket you found at the craft shop, it will add dimension to your gift. Not only will it look nice, but it will also double as a great conversation piece!

7. Don’t be afraid to use gift bags.

Some of us may not have time to wrap gifts and adorn them with little trinkets, so this is where gift bags come in handy. Pick a few fun, holiday-themed bags, toss the gifts in, and just add tissue paper. Gift bags are also a fantastic option for awkwardly shaped presents.

8. Wrapping big or oddly shaped gifts.

If you really want to surprise your child with a bike (or anything else that is huge or awkwardly shaped) without putting it under the tree, try wrapping a note in a shoe box that says, “Santa left you something in the garage.” The child will be extra surprised once they discover his/her new bike!

9. Get creative with gift cards.

Try placing a gift card inside a beautiful photo frame or attaching it to a bookmark.

10. Don’t skip the gift tag!

Labels are important during the holiday season. There are so many gifts going around, it’s a good idea to make sure you put “To” and “From” on every gift you give out. There are plenty of options for labels. You can use store-bought stick-on labels, or make your own unique label using craft paper or even the fronts of old Christmas cards. If you are wrapping gifts for family members and don’t have time to create gift tags, simply write the name of the recipient directly onto the wrapping paper.