September 27, 2021

Richelle LaBarge

10 of the best dive bars in Phoenix

After a long wait, bars are starting to open again. For those unsure of what’s still open, or where to go, we may be able to help. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the small and unglamorous setting, then dive bars are probably your vibe. If you’re looking for an interesting atmosphere and inexpensive drinks, then the best dive bars in Phoenix are probably your vibe, too! Lucky for us, Phoenix has many unique and intimate bars to stop and grab a cold drink. Many of these places have live music to enjoy with some good company. Check out our list of the Top 10 dive bars in Phoenix.

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Gracie’s Tax Bar

Located comfortably in an old tax office on 7th Ave in Phoenix. Gracie’s has a jukebox and boardgames to keep you entertained. Also serving finger foods and sandwiches, you can have a nice pairing with some great priced beer. Gracie’s Tax bar offers that vintage feel with all the dim lighting our hearts could desire.

Valley Bar

The Valley Bar is nestled in an old building downtown on Central Avenue in Phoenix. This unique bar is one of the larger on the list, offering live music and a game room including billiard tables. The beer is cheap, and the décor pays homage to our great state of Arizona. If you’re looking for a fun night in a bar with great atmosphere, Valley Bar is for you.

The Little Woody

Located on East Indian School Road in Phoenix, the Little Woody has that great ambience you’re looking for. The staff is known to be quite polite, food is good quality, and drinks are still affordable! This is the Dive bar to visit if you don’t want to compromise on food options. With different events to get involved in, having fun is bound to happen if you give the Little Woody a visit.

Coach House

This Scottsdale bar is the oldest dive bar in the city. Located in Old Town Scottsdale this bar offers an open-air setup. Covered in colorful Christmas lights, this bar is one of the more Instagram friendly options on the list. The beer specials here are great, and service is quick. Next time you’re in Scottsdale, stop by and grab a cold drink from one of the oldest bars still running.

Time Out Lounge

This is our first Tempe spot on the list, located on Mill Ave in a strip mall. This place is exactly what we mean by a Dive bar. It’s dark, has live music, pool tables, pinball, and a jukebox. They have classic beers on tap, import and microbrews bottled. Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 11am to 7pm. Whether you want to grab some cheap drinks after work, or have a cool hang out with friends, Time Out Lounge is a great choice.

Thunderbird Lounge

Located on Montecito Ave in Phoenix, this spot is an arcade lovers dream. It would be difficult to bored at a place with arcade games including Centipede, Mortal Kombat, Pac Man, Galaga, and Street Fighter. This is the perfect spot to have some drinks and have fun with friends. The menu includes tons of options of beer, wine, cocktails, popcorn, and cigarettes. If vintage is your style, check out Thunderbird Lounge.

The Bikini Lounge

This is one of the oldest bars in Phoenix and one of the quintessential dive bars in Phoenix, operating since 1947. Located on Grand Avenue in Phoenix, this bar is Tiki-themed. It still has a lot of the old Polynesian charm that it had back when it opened, and still has great prices on drinks. It’s dark, intimate, and very vintage, so exactly what we’re looking for in a Dive Bar.


Pomeroy’s is located on 7th Street in Phoenix. This spot is a very consistent spot for locals. Beer is always ice cold and the food is traditional pub style food. Visit and you can partake in games, connect to the jukebox, and enjoy the friendly bartenders. Pomeroy’s is small, out of the way, and always dark.


Jupe’s sits comfortable on Guadalupe Road in Mesa. This is a sports bar at its heart and has Vikings memorabilia everywhere. The food is traditional dive bar (think nachos). The inside of the bar is nothing fancy and ensures its patrons feel that small town bar vibe. You’ll be able to enjoy very affordable drinks with friends or after a long day of work.

Moon Valley Grill & Bar

This last edition to the list is located on North 7th Street in Phoenix. The staff is friendly, and the drinks are cheap. If sports bars are your favorite, this bar is sure to impress. The Moon Valley residents voted their wings the best in town. If you make it there on a Thursday, you can grab the Prime Rib special! If you ever find yourself in North Phoenix, stop in and give Moon Valley a try.