No one can be perfectly well 100% of the time, and no one should be expected to be. If you’re feeling sick it’s best to take time off from work and other activities and concentrate on getting better. If you do this, you’ll be well again much more quickly, plus you won’t pass your bug or cold or anything else onto your work colleagues and friends.

However, there will come a point when you’re no longer sick but you’re not quite 100% well, either. This is a difficult time, since you will be well enough to do things in the house, but not well enough to go back to your normal life. This is when it’s important to have some things to do lined up; they will keep you occupied and ensure that you don’t go back to work too early. Read on to find out what some of these things could be.

Read A Book

When you’re very unwell, reading a book might be the last thing you want to do. It will be hard to concentrate, and you’ll prefer to sleep than try to read, no matter how interesting the story might be.

When you’re recovering, however, reading could be exactly the right thing to occupy your mind. It’s not arduous – at least not physically – and it will keep you entertained while you lie in bed or on the sofa getting the last of your strength back. Plus, you can order a book online and have it delivered the next day, or even the same day in some cases. Or, why not re-read a favorite book? This will comfort you and may even help you to heal more quickly.

Have A Mini Bedroom Makeover

Not everyone is going to be overly bothered about changing the look of their bedroom, but if you’ve been sick for a while, you might be keen to change how it looks because you’re tired of looking at the same décor. While you’re still in bed, you can make a plan, browse the internet, come up with a new color scheme or even find new furniture that will suit you better.

Once you’re well enough to get out of bed, you can put your plan into action. Even if you only change a few small things like the curtains, bedside lamps, or you decide to put a photo in a deep box frame on the wall, the planning and execution will be time well spent.

Have A Long, Luxurious Bath

When you’re recovering from an illness, taking a long, luxurious bath complete with bubbles or essential oils is ideal. You’ll feel amazing when you’re clean – and since you might have been in bed in the same nightclothes for a few days, it will feel even better – but on top of this, the warm water will soothe you, helping any last aches and pains to go.

If you add some music, candles, and aromatherapy oils, and perhaps a mug of herbal tea, you can truly treat yourself.

The difference in how you feel afterwards will be a big one.