Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the United Arab Emirates, and the globe at large. This is the reason millions of people visit this city. There are plenty of fun activities and tourist attraction sites worth visiting. Dubai is an Islamic City and there are certain rules that must be followed especially for female travelers.

Tips when Travelling Alone in Dubai for Females

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There are numerous flights to Dubai each day bearing in mind a lot of activities are carried out throughout the year in Dubai. Females who are travelling alone should bear some things in mind before enjoying their stay in this marvellous city. This will ensure their safety at all times. Consequently, it will help avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities. Below are some of these tips worth keeping in mind:

1) Dress decently- A lot of females find themselves on the wrong side of the law because of indecent dressing while in Dubai. Remember, the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic state country and decent dressing is encouraged. Therefore, females travelling alone should avoid carrying short clothes. If possible, consider long dresses, or decent clothes. You are free to wear swimming costumes while on the beach, but always dress decently while traversing Dubai. Anyone found to dress indecently in public can be arrested and charged. This can result in fines, jail sentences or even deportation. 

2) Always have an emergency number at hand- Dubai is listed among the safest cities in the world. However, you can’t predict what might happen during your stay in the city, especially for females traveling alone. Therefore, ensure you have the different local emergency numbers. These numbers range from the police, ambulance, tourist security, and fire department. These numbers will help you know who to contact when something goes wrong while in Dubai.

3) Purchase a local SIM card- It’s important to purchase a local SIM card as soon as you reach Dubai. This ensures you can comfortably communicate with the local people within the city and the United Arab Emirates at large without spending a lot of roaming airtime with your home country SIM card. A local SIM card makes it easy to contact the local emergency numbers in case something isn’t right during your stay in Dubai. 

4) Avoid drinking in public- Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are very strict when it comes to alcohol consumption in public. As a female, ensure you have a liquor permit if you wish to buy alcohol in Dubai. It is an offense to drink alcohol in Dubai if you don’t have a permit. Consumption of alcohol in public is also prohibited by the Islamic law. Apart from that, it is not recommended for a female to drink alone, especially in the streets of Dubai for security purposes. 

5) Understand the traffic rules- Countries have different traffic rules, some of which are different. The United Arab Emirates takes traffic violations seriously. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the traffic rules so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. This statement applies when crossing the road, or when driving. The traffic signals should be respected at all times. 

6) Avoid public display of affection- As earlier stated, Dubai is governed by Islamic law which recommends decency at any given time. No one is allowed to publicly display affection to their loved ones. Therefore, as a female, you should try and control your emotions when around your loved ones. Always consider handshakes instead of hugging or pecking in order to avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities. Getting arrested for a public display of affection can result in a jail term if found guilty.

7) Always travel with people- Depending on the time of the day; you should always travel where people are walking by. Always avoid being secluded alone, or being in a lonely place. These are spots where predators can take advantage of you, especially if you are new in Dubai and trying to find your way around the city. At night, consider taking taxis, metros or buses if you are not familiar with your destination. Wearing conservative local clothes can also help you blend in with the locals, especially at night.

8) Download helpful applications on your mobile phone- Dubai is a very busy city and as a lady, you might get confused if you are still new. Luckily, some applications can make your stay in this city safer and more convenient. Google Maps is one of the essential applications you should download on your mobile phone. The Dubai metro is another important application you should have. This application will guide you into always boarding the right metro. Finally, an application for booking a cab is paramount. As a lady, ensure your safety always comes first.

9) Maximise the free Wi-Fi- There are numerous spots around Dubai offering free Wi-Fi. Therefore, use the free Wi-Fi and ensure you have all the essential applications that will make your stay in Dubai both comfortable and convenient. Keep in mind that some applications are banned in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, go for applications that are operational in the city, so that people can keep in touch with you.

10) Always be vigilant- Remember, not everyone who smiles at you has good intentions for you as a lady. Always be quick to react whenever you suspect or notice something is wrong. In fact, avoid walking alone as a lady if it is possible as it reduces the chances of someone hurting you. 

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