An eight-hour shift in a chair can beat up your back. Resultantly, a growing number of office workers are embracing the benefits of a good seat cushion. A seat cushion can give you much needed – and wanted – support.

Most of us don’t think about where we sit. However, what you sit on directly contributes to the comfort or discomfort of your tailbone.

Pressure on your tailbone can lead to back pain. It can also negatively affect your productivity and your long-term health.

To learn ten great tips for choosing a seat cushion, read on.

The Benefits of a Great Seat Cushion

There are a lot of different seat cushions on the market. Memory foam, however, is the most popular.

Memory foam seat cushions are comfortable and practical. What’s more, they’re affordable. Best of all, however, they last a long time.

There are more great benefits to memory foam cushions. For instance, they do a good job of supporting your tailbone. They also provide support for your back.

Resultantly, you can sit longer and accomplish more. If your job involves long hours sitting at a desk, you’ll certainly notice an improvement when you use a memory foam seat cushion. When you work long hours at a desk, you’ll find that a seat cushion will become your best friend.

Some people find sitting demanding. For these individuals, it’s often difficult to sit and work for more than an hour at a time.

A seat cushion can help you remedy this issue. It will enable you to work for hours.

Seat cushions help to support your entire musculoskeletal system. They’ve been on the market for years.

In relatively recent years, however, there’s been an increased interest in ergonomics. Seat cushions are a part of that trend.

A good seat cushion can help you maintain your vitality. When your back is in good health, you’re more likely to participate in physical activity. Accordingly, you may experience a snowball effect of positive health by using the right seat cushion to support your frame.

Furthermore, an active lifestyle makes you more productive. When you have more energy, you could do more work. A seat cushion will not only make you happy, but it will make your boss happy as well.

Features You Should Look for When Choosing a Seat Cushion

If it’s comfort you crave, a memory foam seat cushion might do the trick. A memory foam cushion is one of the most comfortable options available.

Comfort is one of the best features of a memory foam seat cushion. It will make your tailbone happy and increase your stamina.

Long hours of sitting exposes your spine and tailbone to stress. A memory foam seat cushion can help mitigate that risk.

Most memory foam seat cushions are portable. Typically, they’re not much larger than the seat of a chair.

Take Your Seat Cushion Everywhere

Because of their compact size, you can use them wherever you need them. You can easily transfer a memory foam seat cushion from your office to your car.

As a result, memory foam cushions are also great for people who work on the road. If you drive long hours, a memory foam seat cushion may help your back and spine feel much better.

The right seat cushion can make your day more enjoyable. It can help to prevent middle-of-the-day sources of back pain that come from long hours of working at a desk.

There are seat cushions that can fit nearly every need. For example, if you feel hot often, you can invest in a seat cushion that stays cool and keeps your bottom side ventilated.

You should also look for a seat cushion with ergonomic contouring. An ergonomic seat cushion makes it easier for you to establish and maintain proper posture.

In time, and ergonomic seat cushion will help you maintain the correct posture naturally. As a result, you’ll experience less back pain during the workday.

Because an ergonomic seat cushion helps you to maintain your posture, you’ll have less chronic pain. You’ll also enjoy more energy, focus, and confidence.

Today, there’s a seat cushion for nearly every preference imaginable. A few helpful tips can help you find the perfect seat cushion for your everyday needs.

Tip 1: Get a Workout While You Work

Now, a 9 to 5 desk job is no longer an excuse for missing out on your workouts. You can have your workout and get your work done too.

A core engagement seat cushion helps you to remain active while sitting. It forces the muscles in your core to work. It can also help you improve your focus and concentration.

A core engagement seat cushion is also great for physical therapy. Some manufacturers call their core engagement seat cushion a wobble cushion. If you’re having a problem with your back, you may want to talk to your physician about this option.

Tip 2: There Are Different Seat Cushion Materials

Manufacturers make seat cushions using different materials. For example, many manufacturers make seat cushions using high-density foam.

High-density foam is a low-cost alternative for a seat cushion. You can buy one for around $5. A high-density foam cushion lasts a decent amount of time for the price.

A better option, however, is memory foam. Memory foam lasts longer than other less expensive materials. It can help you effectively align your spine.

Memory foam seat cushions contour to your body. It’s a comfortable and supportive cushion. You can also purchase a memory foam seat cushion with lumbar support.

Tip 3: Find a Cushion to Fit Your Unique Style

Seat cushions are available in a range of materials. For instance, many manufacturers make seat cushions using polyester. The material is waterproof and stands up to routine wear and tear.

You may also find seat cushions that manufacturers make using nylon. A nylon cover resists wear and adds to seat cushion durability.

However, you may prefer a seat cushion with more pizzazz. In that case, a suede-covered seat cushion may work perfectly.

Suede is a soft, durable material. It resists tears and punctures while staying soft to the touch.

Tip 4: You May Need a Lazy Susan for Your Bottom

You read right. There are seat cushions that help you get your spin on. However, they’re not for entertainment.

A transfer aid cushion can make it easier for you to get in and out of your chair if you have physical limitations. Usually, a transfer seat cushion swivels 360-degrees. It also features a textured base that will stop it from sliding around.

This mobility aid will help to support your back and make it easier to get in and out of your office chair. You can also use it in your car to aid with entering and exiting your vehicle.

Tip 5: Size Matters

Seat cushions come in a wide range of sizes. Before you hit that buy button, make sure that you measure the seat of your chair.

Begin by measuring the depth and width of your seat. If you use a back cushion with your seat cushion, deduct the thickness of the back cushion from the size of the seat cushion.

If you have an odd-shaped chair, you’ll need to consider that. You’ll want to measure a square or rectangular area within the odd shape. Alternatively, you may need a custom-made seat cushion if you have an unusual chair.

Tip 6: Give Your Seat Cushion a Hand

Don’t give up on good posture just because you bought a seat cushion. You still have to do some work to ensure the health of your back and spine. Even with a seat cushion, poor posture can result in neck, spine, and back strain.

Always sit back in your chair with your shoulders touching the seat rest. Also, keep your feet flat on the floor.

It’s also important to keep your knees at a 90-degree angle. Accordingly, adjust your chair so that your knees are the same height as your hips when working.

Tip 7: Your Seat Cushion Needs TLC

It’s important to take good care of your seat cushion so that it lasts as long as possible. It may seem like a complicated ordeal to clean a seat cushion. However, it’s not.

By keeping your seat cushion clean and tidy, it will last longer. Depending on the material you choose, there are different methods for cleaning seat cushions.

As a rule of thumb, always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Some seat cushions, however, may not have instructions.

In this case, simply remove the cover and wash a small section of it to see how the material reacts. If your seat cover can take manual cleaning, then you can probably put it in the washing machine safely.

Tip 8: A Seat Cushion Can Take Away the Pain

Back pain can bring your life to a standstill. However, the right seat cover can make all the difference in the world.

If you’re having back problems, you may want to look for a premium memory foam seat cushion. A memory foam seat cushion is firm but comfortable.

It will relieve pressure on your spine and tailbone. Also, memory foam usually has a cooling effect so that you can work for long hours comfortably.

Tip 9: You Don’t Have to Break the Bank for a Good Seat Cushion

If you’re in the market for a seat cushion, of course, you’ll want to know about seat cushion prices. Seat cushions are one of the small pleasures in life that are relatively affordable. You can purchase a seat cushion for a reasonable price.

For example, you can find cheap seat cushions starting from around $5. However, why not go all out.

Most premium seat cushions cost around $50. If you’re considering one that cost more, it may make more sense to find one in the $50 range with comparable features.

Tip 10: You Can Have Comfort Wherever You Go!

It’s worth reemphasizing that seat cushions are portable. Because of their light weight, you can take them anywhere you need them.

Most seat cushions are compact. Some even come with a travel case.

If you plan on using your seat cushion solely in your office, you might choose a heavier model. The added weight will keep the seat cushion from sliding around.

However, if you want to get the most use out of your seat cushion, look for a lighter design. This way, for example, you can use it in your office, your car and at recreational events.

Take Care of Your Back and It Will Take Care of You!

No one thinks about how their back feels – until it starts to hurt. Many people spent a lot of time in positions that will make their backs uncomfortable.

It’s a good idea to rest your feet and give your back a break. However, if you sit too much, it can lead to problems.

Some people don’t have a choice. Sitting is a part of their job. If this applies to you, it’s a good idea to do what you can to support your back health.

Follow ergonomic practices and invest in a seat cushion. Your back will thank you.

Staying Healthy in the New Normal

Now that you know more about choosing a seat cushion, you can keep your back healthy and happy. Thanks to the coronavirus, more people are working from home nowadays. Resultantly, today’s professionals are left to figure out a lot of things when it comes to working from home.

Fortunately, there’s help.

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