Research found that you only have 27 seconds to make a winning first impression.

Because of this, consider how you present yourself and treat others. Perhaps you want to make a great first impression, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 ways to make a fantastic first impression.

1. Dress to Impress

One of our favorite top first impression tips is to dress well. For instance, if you’re at a job interview then wear clean, professional clothes. Wear garments you’re confident in so that you feel relaxed meeting new people.

And you mustn’t forget a spritz of Perfume Price Alien parfum.

2. Be Yourself

Not sure how to make a good first impression at work?

Be authentic so people know who you truly are. If you’re trying to be cool, people will view think you’re fake which isn’t a good signal to send.

3. Sound Interested

If you’re unsure how to make a good first impression on a date, start by being interested.

Ask questions as it shows you’re engaged. You should also let the person talk first so they know you’re present.

4. Use Small Talk

Small talk is the bridge towards more personal topics. So ask the recipient about their hobbies or what they’ve been up to recently.

You can then tap into a reservoir of the person’s interests to guide the conversation.

5. Arrive on Time

If you’re unsure how to make a good first impression at a job interview, consider the time. When you can, arrive five minutes before as it shows you’re responsible and reliable.

As a general rule, give yourself a 30-minute leeway to accommodate traffic or weather issues.

6. Smile

Not only does smiling elevate your mood but it shows you’re friendly. It also puts you both at ease, making a fantastic first impression. But don’t go overboard as it can appear fake.

7. Be Positive

Those unsure how to make a good first impression should remain positive. Hearing people complain dampens the mood, so focus on the good. Plus, being positive shows you’re upbeat and approachable, a winning combination.

8. Ditch the Phone

Americans spend around 5.4 hours on their phones daily. Although we’re connected, it’s important to ditch your smartphone when you’re conversing with new people. Otherwise, they will think you’re uninterested.

9. Be Attentive

Listen and focus on whoever you’re talking to so you’re engaged. You should also make people feel comfortable especially if they’re at your home. For instance, you could offer a drink or snacks.

10. Being Polite Matters

Polite people make winning first impressions because they care. Being polite also makes others feel respected and valued so we want to be around them. So greet people politely and never gossip as it’s a negative trait.

Make a Great First Impression Today

Hopefully, you now know how to make a great first impression.

Be attentive, polite, and present with new people. You should also use small talk to learn about people and, most importantly, be yourself so you’re authentic. Good luck!

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