If you’re determined to bag the best sibling ever award, flip into these thoughtful gift ideas that can fit any occasion and stimulate the five senses that are proven to help you reminisce memories from childhood.No one knows your brother or sister as well as you do. There will always be that unique bond that only the two of you share in this world. Often, we hit the roadblock of finding that perfect present, may it be for a birthday or a special occasion. Finding that sweet balance of searching for what your sibling wants but at the same time don’t own yet can be a nightmare. Do not fret!

The relaxation package

This package is dedicated to the most hard-working Brotha and Sistah. It is a year-round massage and spa appointment that your sibling can book anytime – the ultimate rejuvenation, detoxification and cleansing package that includes body scrub, sauna, steam shower and deep tissue massage. It can surely give them the much-needed shut-eye and relaxation in a luxurious setting. This relaxation package can be customisable and can take tranquillity to the next level, like a true royal.

A customized scented candle set

Nothing can revive and spark good childhood memories through the sense of smell. A meaningful candle with customized scents that you as siblings only know, such as grandmother’s apple pie, a road trip to the beach, mother’s freesia garden, or summer camp, can bring happy family memories alive.

An expressive artwork

A painting, digital art or a lifelike drawing from your childhood can spark the good old days. Home décor can be a daily reminder of your bond as brothers and sisters. There are a lot of artists who do commissions that can relive childhood memories.

A karaoke microphone

A karaoke microphone may be a thoughtful gift idea for your song siren sibling, may it be professional or recreational singing. Siblings can sing their hearts out and have a full concert from the comforts of their homes.

Black truffle sea salt

Enhance the flavour of any mundane dish by adding a dash of this umami filled salt. Salt brings out the flavour in any fare. With this truffle-infused blended salt, savoury dishes can be elevated into a 5-star restaurant-like dining experience.

Michelin-star food tour

Take your sibling out for a lunch or dinner date. Book a Michelin star private food tour that can whet their appetite and at the same time give them a unique experience. If your sibling is a gourmand, this gift idea hits home. You can be creative with your food tour package and distribute it in dayparts (lunch and dinner) and four weekends. It can be lunch at Da Terra on week one and the following week, dinner at The Fat Duck. It may be costly, but then it can indeed be an investment in your relationship.

Gone are the days of bickering; indeed, you can win your siblings over with these unique and creative gift ideas. Nothing says you’re a star and you’re my favourite brother or sister with these presents. No matter what the occasion.