In search of the most effective home organization hacks, we asked fifteen leaders, including CEOs and Founders, to share their best tips. From embracing a digital-first policy for paperwork to designating a “clutter-free zone” in your home, these are the top strategies that have made a lasting impact on their spaces. Here are 15 home organization hacks that work.

  • Embrace a Digital-First Policy for Paperwork
  • Leverage Vertical Space for Storage
  • Invest in Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Supplies
  • Implement the “One In, One Out” Rule
  • Designate Specific Spaces for Items
  • Incorporate Hidden Storage Solutions
  • Adopt a Labeling Technique for Storage
  • Create a “Utility Zone” for Necessary Items
  • Select Aesthetically Pleasing Organizational Tools
  • Apply the “One-Minute Rule” for Small Tasks
  • Establish a Dedicated Space for Work Items
  • Utilize Multi-Functional Furniture
  • Maximize Space with a Pegboard Wall
  • Organize with Tension Rods in Cupboards
  • Designate a “Clutter-Free Zone” in Your Home

Embrace a Digital-First Policy for Paperwork

One of the home-organization hacks that has significantly decluttered my space and made a lasting impact is implementing a digital-first policy for paperwork. Rather than keeping paper documents or accumulating junk mail, I opt to digitize important documents and store them in cloud accounts, or use tools like Evernote and Notion, which have excellent search capabilities.

Each time a document arrives, I evaluate it based on need. If I need the original, I store it in a dedicated box. However, if I don’t need the original but require the record, I capture the document with an affordable scanning app on my phone and store it in a specific cloud folder. Any unneeded documents or junk mail are discarded immediately. In the case of junk mail, I make a point not to even bring it into my home; it’s discarded as soon as I retrieve it from my mailbox.

This system has significantly reduced clutter in my home, providing a more organized, spacious, and productive environment.

Zakhar Ivanisov, Founder and General Manager, Soul & Lane

Leverage Vertical Space for Storage

One organization hack that has truly revolutionized my space is leveraging a vertical area. I used to struggle with cramped living quarters in my own tiny home until I started thinking upwards. I installed wall-mounted shelves in my kitchen and living area, turning previously unusable space into storage. 

Suddenly, my countertops were free of clutter, and my living area felt more open. I could breathe easier in my home, both physically and metaphorically. This simple change was remarkable, bringing about a lasting, positive impact on my living environment and amplifying my belief in the power of creative organization.

M. Rizwan, Business Manager, Great Lakes Tiny Homes

Invest in Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Supplies

With organizing your home, having the right supplies and storage makes all the difference. For example, investing in a set of matching bins or baskets for different areas can help you designate spaces for items and make them easier to find when needed. 

Plus, if these are aesthetically pleasing, they can also look great in the space while providing efficient storage. Another hack that I recently implemented was installing shelving units in closets to maximize space and make items easier to reach. Both minor changes have made a big impact on ensuring my home stays organized.

Martin Seeley, CEO, Mattress Next Day

Implement the “One In, One Out” Rule

One home-organization hack that has made a lasting impact on my space is the “One In, One Out” rule. This simple, yet effective, strategy helps prevent clutter from accumulating and ensures that your living area remains organized and tidy over time. 

The rule is quite straightforward: for every new item you bring into your home, whether it’s a piece of clothing, a kitchen gadget, or a decorative item, commit to getting rid of one existing item. This encourages you to constantly assess the items you own and make thoughtful decisions about what truly adds value to your life. 

By maintaining a balance between incoming and outgoing items, you’re less likely to accumulate unnecessary belongings, leading to a cleaner and more organized living space. This rule also encourages you to think twice before making purchases, as you’ll need to consider the space and purpose of the new item while deciding what to let go of. Implementing the “One In, One Out” rule requires consistent effort and discipline.

Joe Li, Managing Director, CheckYa

Designate Specific Spaces for Items

I used to always struggle with home organization because I hated the idea of having a dedicated space for everything. Once I realized how efficient it is to designate space for certain items, utilities, apparel, etc., my organization truly improved and made a lasting impact on the overall available space in my home. 

Nowadays, the first thing I do in a new place is dedicate a space for everything and organize according to that, and I’ve never been happier.

Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing, Ninja Transfers

Incorporate Hidden Storage Solutions

One home-organization hack that has revolutionized my space is incorporating hidden storage solutions. Let me share a specific instance that sticks out. 

There was this area in my living room, right under the coffee table, which often lay unused. I decided to put it to work. I found a sleek set of storage boxes that could slide right under the table, invisible to guests, but easily accessible to me. It became a great place to keep magazines, remotes, even my laptop. That move transformed my room from a cluttered mess into an orderly haven, all while keeping everything within arm’s reach.

Josh “Snow” Elizetxe, Founder, Customer Feedback

Adopt a Labeling Technique for Storage

The straightforward yet powerful labeling technique is one home-organization tip that has had a long-lasting effect on my environment. I’ve made a systematic, organized space that saves time and lowers stress by labeling various storage bins, shelves, and drawers. Everything has a home now, which makes it simpler to find things when I need them and motivates me to keep things tidy all the time. 

Each item, from apparel to office and kitchen supplies, is carefully labeled, encouraging a clutter-free and practical living environment. This trick saves me time looking for things and makes me feel in control of my surroundings and peaceful, improving the quality of my daily life overall.

Rayner Teo, Founder, TradingWithRayner

Create a “Utility Zone” for Necessary Items

Designating a utility-item closet, or part of a smaller room, as a “utility zone” is one organization’s best practice. Utility zones are ideal for items that are often necessary but not essential to everyday life, like light bulbs and batteries. When in one place, finding those “quick-change” items saves time, and restocking everything becomes easier with all of it together for inventorying. Otherwise, smaller quantities just get relegated to the “junk drawer,” and there are inevitably shortages when they are needed most.

Raja Subramanian, GM, Power Wizard

Select Aesthetically Pleasing Organizational Tools

Choosing aesthetically pleasing organizational tools has brought both functionality and beauty to my living spaces. 

By selecting storage solutions that align with my home’s décor, such as woven baskets or stylish trays, organization becomes part of the design. These visually appealing tools motivate me to maintain order and contribute to a harmonious atmosphere. They offer a balance between practicality and elegance, allowing my home to be both well-organized and visually inviting. 

This approach elevates everyday objects into decorative elements, enhancing the overall experience of living in a well-curated and orderly home.

Dilruba Erkan, Consultant, Morse Decoder

Apply the “One-Minute Rule” for Small Tasks

Though I spend most of my time focusing on Click Intelligence, I’ve found that having an organized home space positively influences my work productivity. One simple, yet impactful, hack I’ve implemented is the “One-Minute Rule.” If a task takes a minute or less, like putting shoes away or filing a document, I do it immediately.

I recall the first time I strictly applied this during a particularly hectic week. By consistently taking care of these small tasks, my home office remained clutter-free, and I noticed a considerable boost in my ability to concentrate. What started as an experiment has now become a daily habit, creating a ripple effect of organization and efficiency both at home and in the workplace.

Simon Brisk, Director, Click Intelligence Ltd

Establish a Dedicated Space for Work Items

It’s pretty straightforward and simple, but having a cupboard for my work items to go in as part of my daily shutdown procedure at the end of each day has made a massive amount of difference. 

Working from home can really blur the lines between work and downtime, so this method simply helps to take the work side of my life out of view, and thus improves the chance that I’m not subconsciously thinking about it because my laptop or work diary is in my line of vision. 

It can also clean up the desk space for you to use in a personal way if you engage in any personal writings, such as journaling. In essence, creating this clean space allows your workspace to also be a part of your personal space too, without it immediately bringing your thoughts back to ‘that task I need to finish.’

The famous saying is “Out of sight, out of mind,” and this easy hack really can help your home feel like home again.

Bobby Lawson, Technology Editor/Publisher, Earth Web

Utilize Multi-Functional Furniture

I certainly understand the power of an organized workspace, especially when working from home. The best hack for me was the introduction of multi-functional furniture. For instance, I have a coffee table that can be lifted and extended into a makeshift desk. It not only conserves space but also keeps my room uncluttered and multi-functional. 

This table has become a sanctuary where I manage my business during the day and unwind with a book in the evening. The versatility of this piece has truly revolutionized my workspace, enhancing both my productivity and comfort. It’s an effective reminder that innovation isn’t confined to the digital world but extends to our physical spaces too.

Daniel Pfeffer, CEO, Scrape Network

Maximize Space with a Pegboard Wall

One home-organization hack that has had a long-lasting impact on my space is the use of a pegboard wall. I can hang tools, accessories, and small containers with this setup, making them easily accessible and visible. 

The pegboard maximizes vertical space while reducing surface clutter, making my room look tidy and functional. I like that I can rearrange the pegs as needed to accommodate new items or layout changes. This functional and adaptable storage solution has transformed my living space into a more organized and efficient environment, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to declutter and optimize their home.

Erik Pham, CEO, Health Canal

Organize with Tension Rods in Cupboards

One home-organization hack that has made a lasting impact on my space is using tension rods in cupboards and drawers. This technique gives me the ability to keep all my kitchenware and dishes organized with quick and easy access.

I divided up the sections using tension rods so that heavier objects, like pans, stay at the bottom while glasses and plates are further up, allowing me to grab one quickly when needed. This way of organizing drawers simplifies my everyday tasks and saves me time in tidying up since everything maintains its place with zero effort on my part.

Kate Duske, Editor-in-Chief, Escape Room Data

Designate a “Clutter-Free Zone” in Your Home

One practical home-organization hack that has made a lasting impact on my space is the “Clutter-Free Zone.” 

I designated a specific area in my home, such as a corner in the living room or a section of the kitchen counter, where I committed to keeping clutter at bay. This designated space serves as a visual reminder to consistently put away items and maintain tidiness. Whenever I find something out of place, I immediately return it to its designated spot in the Clutter-Free Zone. 

Over time, this simple habit has prevented clutter from spreading throughout my home, making it easier to maintain an organized and serene living space. It has not only saved me time on cleaning and decluttering but has also created a sense of calm and order that has positively influenced my daily routines and overall well-being.

Amy Ling Lin, CEO,