The life of uni students is demanding. Lots of things to attend to with absolutely no time whatsoever. At such times, smart gadgets feel like a heavenly gift for uni students getting their day’s work done in a matter of hours.

But gadgets also require space to keep them where you live. Uni students love self storage space, so most of them already have enough room to store these gadgets.

However, don’t worry if you feel like running out of space with all these gadgets piling up, as you can always use SSO to find affordable storage space near where you live.

At the same time, students are usually on a tight budget and, therefore, cannot just go along buying every available gadget even if it is going to make their life easier.

So, if you are having trouble choosing which one to pick, here is a carefully curated list of smart gadgets that you should get to enhance your learning experience if you are a university student or are likely to become one in the coming days!

HeimVision Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

Waking up at 7 in the morning for the first class of the day is inarguably one of the toughest things to do as uni students. So, top of the list is a gadget that will effectively help you get rid of this issue once and for all.

This is an aesthetic clock that will look gorgeous on your side table. The outside screen of the clock creates a smooth transition in the form of a sunrise effect, brightening up slowly from the night light to a bright yellow one.

This effect can be coupled with a soothing tune if you prefer that too to help you wake up on time.

Anti-theft Laptop Bag

For uni students, a laptop is as crucial as a pen for a schoolboy. One can’t even imagine the heartbreak of getting your laptop stolen, so it is better to be safe than sorry!

An anti-theft laptop bag does the job of saving your laptop pretty well.

It is password-protected, so no one except you can open it. Besides that, ample padding is done to protect your laptop from any shock damage, and the fabric used is waterproof.

If you love self storage space, this bag is a must-buy since you will be able to keep your laptop in your storage unit as well without having to worry about it getting stolen or any other mishap.

Amazon Kindle

Days of carrying around physical books are over for the uni students in this digital age. However, reading books on a laptop can be a daunting task for prolonged reading sessions. Amazon Kindle is a perfect solution for such uni students!

Kindle comes equipped with a massive battery that lasts for more than a week of usage. You can easily carry it around the university in your backpack and use it to read your course textbooks or anything you want wherever you are.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise and university dorms go hand in hand. However, there are times when one wants to concentrate and does not want any noises around. Noise cancellation headphones come in handy at such a time.

They allow you to block out such unwanted noises and focus on completing that long-due assignment.

If you love self storage space, you can book a storage unit using SSO and use it to study in complete silence along with your noise-canceling headphones blocking every remaining sound, if any.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

The days of handwriting are not over yet, thanks to this handy gadget that combines the versatility of traditional handwriting with the convenience of typing, simultaneously.

You can use the pen provided to write, and the notebook will convert it into the typed text. This also helps with sorting them out and searching for required information whenever required.

August Smart Lock Pro

Safety is a big concern living in dormitories, and measures such as August Smart Lock are highly recommended to keep yourself safe from any unwanted activity like trespassing.

It allows you to monitor your door lock from your phone through its app. You can easily open or close it sitting anywhere. Moreover, if you love self storage space, you can use this lock to enhance the security of your storage unit even further.

Personal Coffeemaker

You can’t always just go out to have a cup of coffee every time you want because of so many reasons. The good thing is that you can get a personal coffee maker for almost nothing nowadays.

It allows you to conveniently deal with your daily dose of caffeine in an effortless manner.

Power bank

With the lives of uni students depending on so many gadgets simultaneously, it is hard to keep track of their charging while being in university. That is why a power bank is an essential thing to carry alongside, as it allows you to charge anything on the go rapidly.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Student parties are not complete without speakers. Hence, having a Bluetooth speaker will add more fun to the party you’ll be hosting after the exams.

Most of the speakers come with a long battery backup so just charge them up before the party begins to enjoy an uninterrupted disco night!

Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptops usually heat up quite often if used excessively. Since you will be using your laptop the entire day in university, it is recommended to invest in a cooling pad to avoid any damage because of overheating.

A good cooling pad does not make any noise, so don’t worry about it disturbing the class silence!

Tile Mate Key Finder

Students forgetting their room keys is a familiar story at dorms. However, you’ll be saved from this embarrassment by investing in Tile Mate Key Finder.

Just add the keyring to your set of keys, and in case you lose it somewhere, use the Tile Mate app on your phone to find its location and, better yet, ring a bell to locate it instantly.

External Hard drive 

Carrying a laptop to and back every day to university is not a good idea. Instead, get a portable disk to keep all your important data.

It will not only help you access it whenever needed but will also serve as a backup disk in case something terrible happens to your laptop.

Foldable Keyboard

If you are a tablet person or someone who uses an iPad for taking notes, a foldable keyboard is just the perfect gadget for you.

It connects via Bluetooth and can be used to type on your phone or tablet if you are tired of using the touch screen.

Surge Protector

In general, a surge protector is an essential purchase, especially for uni students who have to deal with a bunch of electronic gadgets.

It will save your appliances from getting blown in case of any voltage up-down.

Portable Printer

Getting a print can be an arduous task during the exams season when the library is full of students looking to print out everything. Buy a printer and save yourself from the hassle of getting in a long line just to get a single print.

Moreover, if you love self storage space, you can always put it in your unit when you have to go somewhere. It’s simple.


These smart gadgets are the ideal companions to ease your student stress and help you focus on getting good grades.

So, do not worry about running out of capacity in your room due to these gadgets at all because whether you love self storage space or not, you can always use SSO to find affordable storage space near you. Making studying easy should be your priority!