Vault of Glass is back in Destiny 2. Although this time it’s a little different, you would still be experiencing the same adrenaline rush and adventure. Yet, there may be chances or situations where you may find yourself in some deep trouble while finishing up with this legendary raid. So, if you are one from the bunch, just read this blog till the end.

Vault of glass is no child’s play. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Venus, this raid will put you and your Fireteam to the test, and those who accomplish it will be rewarded handsomely.

The Vault of Glass revolves around Venus, which is presently only accessible through the Director’s new Legends node. The raid has a suggested Power of 1300, which, given Destiny 2’s lenient Power system, shouldn’t be too tough to achieve. The majority of the encounter remains the same for those who played the original Vault of Glass in Destiny 1, but there are a few minor changes.

What weapons are recommended in Vault of Glass Destiny 2?

You may probably clear the Vault of Glass with whichever weapons you choose or are most comfortable with. Still, there are a few options that will make it much simpler for teams who are having trouble hitting DPS checks.

For all the rookies, Xenophage is almost unavoidable. This Exotic Machine gun is capable of one-hitting Oracles and doing havoc on all the bosses and Champions. With the proper mod configuration, you may also have a lot of ammunition. It truly shines in every situation.

For those who have it unlocked, Anarchy is another fantastic choice. The Breach and Clear mod functions along with Anarchy during Season of the Splicer to de-buff bosses and other targets. Anarchy can be deemed as one of those “set and forget” weapons that allow you to use your secondary weapon, such as a Sniper Rifle, to deal DPS.

If you don’t have the Exotic Catalyst, you may want to try Deathbringer. To some great extent, this is a fantastic DPS alternative. Deathbringer, when used with Argent Ordnance, can easily eliminate Wyverns, Champions, Templars, and Atheon.

On the other side, Weapons that use Overload Rounds are very important. Because the Vault of Glass contains many Overload Champions, the capability to lock them down is crucial to clearing the provided challenges. Use an Overload Mod and a weapon that you are most familiar with. The Seventh Seraph SMG could overwhelm Champions during Season of the Splicer while also enabling players to produce Warmind Cells.

Unveiling the Vault of glass

The raid begins with the first encounter in Vault of Glass. Three Vex sync plates must be triggered and held until a centre spire is created for this mechanism to work. To recover the plates, Praetorians will spawn (along with some backup Vex).

• Send two players to each of the three Vex plates, divided into two teams of two.

• Step inside the ring until a white wall has been constructed around it.

• Defeat the Praetorians before they get their hands on the plates.

• Recover any Vex sync plates that have been misplaced.

• Wait until the Spire develops and the Vault of Glass opens before continuing.

This feud begins with a view of the Vault of Glass’ entrance. You can get to the top by walking left and looping around to the upper region from spawn. On the left, in front of the entrance, and on the right, there is a Vex sync plate. At each plate, send two players.

To make a link, start by standing in all of the plates. Vex will start spawning after this occurs. Smaller troops, such as Goblins and Hobgoblins, are unable to reclaim the plates. The Praetorians are the only enemies that can break the link and turn the plate red. Concentrate your efforts on eliminating these Praetorians before they reach your plate. They’ll switch up where they spawn.

Several Cyclops will spawn throughout the area while you battle. These must be eliminated as soon as possible since they may cause massive harm. Bring Supers and Heavy in use to quickly take them out.

Once the connection has been established, you are not obliged to remain on the plate. In fact, it may make things more difficult at times. Concentrate only on stopping the Praetorians.

What if it all seems too complicated and unachievable?

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